Prizes & treats at 2nd Bluesky gaming tournament

Bluesky’s second Gaming Tournament will be held on Halloween, October 31, 2020, from 8am-2pm at the Lee Auditorium.

South Pacific Distributors (SOPAC) will be the event’s co-sponsor. The public is invited to cheer on their favorite player.

Bluesky’s first gaming tournament on August 19, 2020 featured Call of Duty. The well-attended event was a runaway success with more than 38,700 online viewers. However, because of Call of Duties’ 17+ age rating, many players were turned away.

Given the high demand, Bluesky’s second gaming tournament is open to a younger age group.

The Halloween gaming tournament will feature FORTNITE that has a 12+ age rating.

The tournament’s 30 slots were filled within 48-hours after it was announced on Bluesky’s Facebook page.

The first place winner will take home $1,000 in prize money not to mention bragging rights to being  American Samoa’s best FORTNITE player.

\The lag gamers once experienced with Bluesky’s internet is a thing of the past. On June 29, 2020, Bluesky began powering its internet with Hawaiki through ASH Cable. Combined with the roll-out of its NextGen product, gamers will experience mainland level speeds. A NextGen sign-up table will be available at the tournament.

Bluesky and its co-sponsor SOPAC champion opportunities for American Samoa’s youth to express themselves and engage in healthy competition. Besides the fabulous competition on the stage, you can enjoy booths featuring Fijian curry and food by Shan J’s and Paradise Pizza. There will also be in-door trick or treating for the kids.

Bluesky prides itself on empowering the youth of American Samoa and are always looking for ways to support the community. We are thankful to SOPAC for partnering with us in hosting this tournament and look forward to more events together. “Bluesky wishes all the players good luck and ‘Floss like a boss'” says COO, Paul Michael Young.

(Source: Press Release)