No Director Resignations Yet, Governor Considers Action

In his memo to directors about loyalty and commitment issued a week ago, Governor Lolo Moliga said that it is only fair that directors who are actively criticising the work of the administration vacate their posts by submitting their resignations. If not he will act accordingly.

kHJ News asked the Governor’s Executive Assistant Iulogologo Joseph Pereira if any directors have submitted their resignations and he said yesterday no director has handed in his/her resignation.

“Will the Governor take action on directors he feels are the culprits?”, we asked,.

Iulogologo replied, “The issue is under consideration by the governor.”

In his memo, the governor said it was natural to expect loyalty and support from directors and for them to advance and defend their administration’s policies.

He said directors have the moral and ethical responsibility to defend and protect the policies of the administration.

Lolo, whose term as governor ends on January 3, 2021, referred to some of the cabinet members personally involved in the political advertisements attacking the “veracity and integrity” of the administration’s policies and programs and budgets.

At last week’s cabinet meeting, the governor continued his admonishment and while he didn’t name names, It was clear that he was referring to directors involved in publicity for the Lemanu/Talauega camp.

Directors who spoke with KHJ News quoted Lolo saying those concerned should be mindful that the candidate they’re supporting is part of the administration.

He was also critical of the camp holding an event at Suiga Uladespite him advising that they don’t because the fales under construction have not been completed.

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