No Change in the Budget Impasse

There’s worry in the business community regarding the stalemate in the Fiscal Year 2021 budget and the governor’s announcement that ASG is only allowing personnel cost expenditures.

Their concern is that if this drags on ASG will not pay its bills which will impact their operations.

KHJ News asked House Speaker Savali Talavou Ale yesterday for an update on the budget impasse.

He said the Fono is responding to the governor’s last correspondence, but other than that there;s no change.

We asked for a reaction on a statement by the governor at last week’s cabinet meeting where he said if the Fono doesn’t act on the budget within the extended special session, they will prepare a six month budget and leave it up to the next governor to deal with the budget.

The Speaker said the Fono leaders have not been made aware of this.

So will the Fono reconvene, now that the governor has extended the special session of the Fono by another 15 days? Savali said this will be discussed.

Two House Representatives said one factor is that members of the House who are all seeking reelection are busy with their campaigns and there might not even be a quorum.

This morning House members were notified to attend a meeting that the Speaker is calling in the House lounge tomorrow morning.

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