Election Office Rolls Out Training

Less than 3 weeks left before the general elections, and the Election Office is rolling out training for team leaders and pulenuu as well as poll workers who will be conducting the elections.
A total of 230 poll workers have been hired for the November 3rd general elections and they are people who have worked in past elections so they have experience.
Training of poll worker team leaders and pulenuu who will be looking after the polling places will be held on October 19.
Then on October 21 training for poll workers will start for those in the east. October 22 is the training for poll workers in the central districts and the one for the west will be conducted on October 23.
Poll workers will take their oaths and cast their votes on October 28th for the east side poll workers. October 29 for those in the central district and on October 30 for poll workers on the west.

There are 41 polling places for Tutuila, Aunuu and Manu’a on November 3rd.

The last day to request off island absentee ballots which includes ballots for registered voters stranded off-island due to the COVID 19 pandemic is October 19.

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