A Traffic Stop Leads to Drug Charges Against Driver

A man found driving with an expired driver’s license is now in custody facing drug charges after police found methamphetamine and marijuana in his possession, two weeks ago.

Samoa News reports that Feagai Tapeni was driving a car when police stopped him for speeding at Happy Valley and he produced an expired driver’s license and an expired immigration ID.

He and an unnamed passenger were taken to the station for questioning but when they arrived at the station a baggie containing a white crystalline substance fell out as Tapeni was exiting the police vehicle.

When asked what the baggie was he said he didn’t know and it did not belong to him.

But when police checked where he was seated, they found another baggie containing a white crystalline substance.

They also found a glass pipe containing a white crystalline substance on Tapeni during a body search.

Another small bag in the back seat of the car Tapeni was driving was also found to contain a glass pipe with a white crystalline substance, and one baggie containing a green leafy substance.

The white crystalline substance tested positive for meth, while the green leafy substance tested positive for marijuana.

Tapeni refused to make a statement to officers regarding the illegal drugs allegedly discovered on his person and inside his vehicle.

The defendant is charged with one count of possession, crystal methamphetamine, and one count of possession, marijuana.

He remains in custody after his first appearance two weeks ago in the District Court with bail set at $10,000.

The passenger was released after he denied any knowledge of the drugs found in the car.

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