Why No Questions?


Dear Editor,
The news on the budget hearing held for the Office of Tourism was alarming and shameful. As reported on KHJ. It was reported that:

1. Before any questions were asked of the Director about their $743,500.annual budget which included 2 new positions and staffed by 6 employees, Senator Faiivae made a motion to excuse the Director and staff and asked the senators to allow them to go back to their office to find more tourists for American Samoa.

What concerns me is the fiscal irresponsibility displayed by a senator especially running for lieutenant governor. For example: How many tourists visited American Samoa? If 5 , 10, or 100 then American Samoa is spending roughly $7,500 for each tourist. Another would be, “How many tourists have visited and are expected to visit since February to February 2021?” The answer would NO, Nada, not a single tourist.

In the states similar nonproductive agencies would be furloughed and employees placed on hold until situations, like the COVID 19, improves and allow for tourists again.

Disappointed Taxpayer

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