DOA Director Dodges Questions about Vet Position

Fofo Representative Andra Samoa was not satisfied with answers from the Director of Agriculture to her questions concerning a veterinarian for the department.

Samoa observed that a veterinarian position was not listed in the DOA budget for Fiscal Year 2021 and asked the director why that was, and whether there was any arrangement with the Department of Health for a vet.

Agriculture Director Sala Sataua Dr Mataese Samuelu first said he was there to testify about the budget but if the chairman of the budget hearings gives permission he would answer the faipule’s questions.

Senator Magalei Logovii, chair of the joint budget hearings told him to answer only the question pertaining to the budget.

Sala then explained there is funding in the DOA budget that they can use though it’s not specifically listed for a vet.

He said the department doesn’t always have a full time vet but uses volunteer vets periodically. He said the last vet with the Department of Agriculture had a salary of $50,000.

Sala said at the end of his explanation he hoped Rep Samoa was satisfied with his answers, to which the Leone lawmaker replied no, but it was alright she would follow up at another time.

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