DPW Asked to Review Golf Course Road Drainage

Tuala-uta Representative Larry Sanitoa wants the Department of Public Works to conduct an engineering review of the entire drainage system by the golf course area.

After talking to residents following one of the worst flooding on the lower golf course road during heavy rains last week he made the request to Director of Public Works, Faleosina Voigt.

He said residents were heading to work and/or taking their children to school but after looking at the dangerous flooding area, they decided to stay home instead.

Sanitoa said according to the residents, while the flooding on this road was there before, the water would eventually recede in a reasonable time.

However, since the new fence went up and the contractor worked on rebuilding the soakage pit drainage, the problem has become worse and flooding is very dangerous now. Furthermore, the overflow from the drainage area has now affected several homes across from the drainage.

The contractor for the golf course fence and drainage is Pentagon Samoa.

Rep Sanitoa told the Public Works Director one of the concerns brought up during their last House Public Works Committee hearing was the lack of oversight and proper engineering for many of the ongoing ASG projects especially drainage systems. A

“The problem at the golf course drainage is a perfect example of the lack of proper oversight and good engineering,” he lamented.

“Given the amount of money spent on the fence and drainage at the golf course road, I respectfully request that DPW engineers revist the entire drainage system,” he wrote Voigt.

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