Sept 1st is Deadline for Nominating Petitions

The Election Office has confirmed that five gubernatorial teams have already pulled nominating petitions but only two have turned theirs in with the required number of signatures.

KHJ News was told by Election Office staff that the teams did not want to be identified by name in the news at this time.

Based on previous stories the five teams which have announced are Nua and Satele, Lemanu and Talauega, Iaulualo and Tapaau, Gaoteote and Faiivae and Fatumalala & Smith.

Candidates running for the 21 seats in the House of Representatives also  did not want to be identified.

So far 66 potential candidates have taken out nomination papers for the House. 17 have submitted the petitions with the required voter signatures.

In the congressional race four have pulled their petitions and only 1 has turned in their filled nominating petition to the Election Office.

The four that have announced are Aumua Amata, Oreta Mapu Crichton, Supply Seau and Meleagi Suitonu Chapman.

September 1st is the deadline for all candidates to turn in their nominating petitions to the Election Office.

Voter registration is continuing and will close on October 5, 2020.

Total registered voters as of now is 15,588

The Election Office says those interested to  work as poll workers on election day have until August 31st to apply.

Applications are now available at the Election Office or at the Department of Human Resources.

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