Election Office Must Come Up with a Plan for Nov 3

The territory is to advice the Department of Interior on how the general elections will be conducted on November 3rd if the territory is faced with any coronavirus cases.

Governor Lolo Moliga has given Election Commissioner Dr Lealofi Uiagalelei and the Election Office staff one week to come up with a plan on how voting will be conducted on Election Day.

He said what DOI wants to know is how voters will be casting ballots in the face of restrictions because of the coronavirus pandemic, whether they will vote in person or from home or other avenues.

At Monday’s cabinet meeting Governor Lolo told the Election that he expects a plan that would address how voters can cast ballots if and when the territory is at heightened alert due to coronavirus.

A US Army veteran who is tossing his name in the congressional election, Supply Seau has already suggested delaying local elections because of the closure of the borders which has kept he and other intending candidates off island.

It has been pointed out however that the date of congressional elections is set by federal law and it would take an act of Congress to change it.

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