Family members object to new road

Some landowners in Nuuuli are not supporting plans by the governor to build a new road to lessen congestion on the Nu’uuli highway around Laufou.

Governor Lolo Moliga met with leading chiefs of the village three weeks ago to present the plans.

Two construction companies have apparently been picked to build the road, Paramount and Silva Group.

The planned road is to stretch from wetland area behind the old Paea store and heading westward directly across to the area known as Maamaa, behind Stevens and Sons store in the TCF vicinity.

Family members of the Fanene, Sialega, and Puailoa clans, whose lands will be affected, are raising objections because there hasn’t been much information or any discussion about the prop[osed road.

They also point to the degradation of wetland areas which the village has preiously agreed to preserve as they are valuable breeding grounds for marine life.

Residents said they were shocked to learn via the media the governor’s announcement about the planned road as there was never any mention of such a plan previously.

Another concern of residents is that the new road will bring heavy traffic to a residential area.