Acting Directors named for DHS & OPI/KVZK-TV

Governor Lolo Moliga yesterday appointed two acting directors: one for the Department of Homeland Security and the other for the Office of Public Information/KVZK-TV.

In a memorandum dated yesterday the governor appointed Alfonso Pete Galea’i Director of the Officer of Disaster Assistance and Petroleum Management (ODAPM) as Acting Director of the Department of Homeland Security.

“Alfonso Pete Galea’i has extensive management experience allowing him to seamlessly assume the duties and responsibilities mandated by applicable law,” said the governor.

Lolo has accepted the resignation of Samana Semo Ve’ave’a from the position of Homeland Security Director.

Samana resigned April 21 following the confiscation of a computer used by DHS Grants Administrator Lisa Tuato’o and her subsequent being placed on leave while being investigated over allegations that  she used the computer for political campaign activity.

Samana said at the time he was not aware of the action which was ordered by the governor and purported to be initiated by Director of Human Resources Mrs Eseneiaso Liu.

Samana took this up with the DHR Director after a cabinet meeting when he approached Mrs. Liu and made his displeasure known by tearing up her letter ordering the action against Ms Tuato’o.

That same day April 21st , Samana submitted a letter of resignation to Governor Lolo.

The governor however did not accept the resignation but instead put Samana on administrative leave for 30 days to allow the investigation of Ms Tuatoo to proceed after which he would review the situation and make a decision that “is in the best interest of the people.”

The governor told KHJ News at the time that the allegations against Ms Tuato’o implicated Samana.

He said he will use the findings of the investigation to make a decision on Samana’s resignation.
The 30 day leave ended last Friday.

Samana said in response to KHJ News inquiries last night that he received a letter from the governor on Tuesday that his resignation has been accepted.  He declined to comment further except to say he wants to thank his employees at Homeland Security and he misses working with them. He wishes the governor and administration well.

KHJ News understands that the newly appointed acting director of Homeland Security Galea’i was introduced at a staff meeting of the department yesterday.

The governor also appointed Mrs Tautinei Misioka Olo, as acting director of the Office of Public Information/KVZK-TV. She  is one of the longest  serving employees of the television station having been head of Programs in charge of scheduling programs for more than 30 years.

Governor Lolo said in his memo of appointment that Mrs. Olo has served the government for a very long time so she possesses expertise to oversee the operation.

The former OPI/KVZK-TV Director Tuimavave Tauapai Laupola is now in the Governor’s  Office where he is in charge of  compiling the transition report for the incoming administration.

Lolo said at Friday’s cabinet meeting that Tuimavave will be working with Governor’s Office employees Silia Time and Melesio Gurr on the transition report.