No Hawaiian Air flights till end of June

Hawaiian Airlines has accepted a request from Governor Lolo Moliga to continue the suspension of flights to American Samoa until the end of June.

This would be the third such extension that the governor has requested to prevent the spread of the coronavirus to American Samoa.

In his previous request in April to CEO and President of Hawaiian Airlines Mr. Peter Ingram, the governor had suggested June 1st as a possible target date to resume Hawaiian Airlines flights from Hawaii to American Samoa. The airline was taking bookings from June 4.

Airline Vice President Ann Botticelli said from Honolulu this morning, “Yes, we did receive a request from Gov. Moliga to extend the suspension until the end of June, and we have written back saying that we will honor that request.”

Local airline staff are telling residents inquiring about the service that Hawaiian Airlines is not going to operate any flights until the end of June as requested by the governor.

Usually in June, Hawaiian adds a third weekly flight to accommodate travelers attending graduations, reunions, church conferences, vacations and sport camps, but with the lock down for COVID-19, there’s a travel lock down this summer.

KHJ News has received  emails, calls and posts on our news website from American Samoans stuck in Hawaii and the mainland, asking for information on the resumption of flights.

American Samoans who reside off island but were here to visit parents or attend funerals when flights were cancelled are anxious to return to their families.

The Department of Health, LBJ Hospital and VA Clinic have recommended that borders remain closed for another 30 days past the end of the current emergency declaration on May 31.