Health care is top priority for Lemanu & Talauega

The  gubernatorial team of Lemanu Palepoi Sialega Mauga and Talauega Eleasalo Va’alele Ale  rolled out its campaign platform  this week starting with health care.

According to a press statement, the Lemanu-Talauega team ranks Health Care as its number one priority.

“Health Care affects every single one of us – from the moment we are born to the moment we die. If we are not healthy, we cannot learn, we cannot work – our families, education and our economy will be negatively impacted when we are afflicted with medical issues and the costs,” said the statement.

The platform on health care is divided into three categories:

  • Health Care Workforce Development
  • Medical Infrastructure
  • Medical System Innovation

The Lemanu-Talauega team says one of the issues which must be addressed is health care services for people with cancer.

“Cancer has become so prevalent in our community and we don’t have the services on island to give our people options for cancer treatment.”


  1. Malo lava

    A very big challenge but doable if you have the right people in place and remove the political favors.

    Of all the candidates yours is the most fit to do it.

  2. HRP

    Honorable Lemanu Palepoi Sialega Mauga & Honorable Talauega Eleasalo Va’alele Ale, Our Nation Country’s callers visioned the "FA’AVAE" and "VA’AIMAMAO" our Forefathers brought our American Samoa on to this Century. Our Chosen dedicated future Leaders are to connect our people’s ways of life under One God! …"Lo’u Nu’u e, o Samoa, e Pele oe i le Agaga…"

  3. Teine Tautalatasi ole Meaese

    @L&T 2O2O ticket.
    In concurrence with comments by Malo Lava on this top campaigning priority, …Doable challenge but rather get all your "right people" pre-screened and re-evaluated first for any and all mental health issues themselves, in order to be "psychiatrically stable and psychologically fit" for this released 3-prong platform statement to actually work!

  4. Faith Taylor

    There’s a lot of disconnect among the different sectors in our government. We need to bridge ( bring them together) in order for them to work together..We still behind the times in certain areas. But the world, we live in is constantly changing and involving.. We need to wake up and try to catch up..For the benefits of our tomorrow..Thank you..

  5. The lesser of evils.

    The Hon. Lt. Gov Lemanu was a contributing factor in why I voted for this administration & have regretted (each waking moment) it ever since. Having said that, I believe it’s more to do with the devious Lolo than Hon. Lemanu. While I’m still awaiting new candidates, I’m hopeful this team will be less corrupt than the present competing teams and above all, this most corrupt of all administrations. The harm they’ve done in bond debts, higher prices, numerous taxes/charges, cronyism & allowing the drug problem to flourish unabated is unforgivable and shameful!

    I do have a problem though with why the former AG chose not to prosecute certain major cases after police reports were (allegedly) forwarded…..i.e. the 7 bags of meth in LBJ’s mail, the Gaisoa meth/weapons case, the Speaker’s drugs/ammo in imported vehicle, huge qty (12lbs.??) of meth @ the Post Office connected to a female customs agent. Perhaps in due time he will clarify the matter & finally put my mind @ ease.

    I’d also like to hear their views on mitigating our meth problem, increasing traffic, traffic lights, collecting back taxes from crooked businesses/taxpayers, electing senators, sponsor accountability/deportation for overstayers/felons, antiquated criminal laws, transfer of Police evidence room to the Courts, alien businesses….etc. Good luck! Male ava tele!!!!

  6. guest

    Are they going to address the "ice" epidemic on island? It’s getting so out of hand that we are reading about it daily in the paper.


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