Governor makes 3rd request to HA

In his third request to the President and CEO of Hawaiian Airlines to suspend flights to American Samoa, in order to prevent the arrival of COVID-19, Governor Lolo Moliga cites 6 factors:

  • that the coronavirus pandemic in the United Stated and around the world continues to soar, and in some communities which eased restrictions there was a resurgence in confirmed cases;
  • that while we have started COVID-19 testing, we still lack sufficient number of test kits and there’s no steady supply from CDC, FEMA and the Food and Drug Administration to test the local population as well as travelers to the territory
  • quarantine facilities dwarf the number of Hawaiian Airlines passenger loads of 200 to 270 per flight
  • contract tracing is not developed to the level that can trace possible carriers of the virus if there’s one confirmed case in the territory
  • insufficient number of beds to accommodate COVID-19 patients
  • scientists and health experts say there’s so much unknown about the virus and a vaccine is still in the distant future.

The governor said in his May 19 letter to Mr. Peter Ingram, Hawaiian Airlines President and CEO, although there are 12 days left of the current COVID-19 Emergency Declaration he intends to extend the border closure by another 30 days.

And he’s asking that Hawaiian Airlines continue the suspension of flights to American Samoa to June 30.

Governor Lolo told Mr Ingram that the leaders and people of American Samoa are grateful to Hawaiian Airlines for “continuing to place lives before profits.”

And through the airline’s commitment of saving lives, American Samoa “holds the distinction of being the only United States jurisdiction” without a confirmed coronavirus case.

But not everyone is pleased with the suspension.

“I am feeling the frustration, annoyance, anger and discontentment over my decision to suspend Hawaiian Airlines flights to American Samoa, but would gladly accept the public outcry if we don’t lose one life to this deadly disease,” the governor informed the airline CEO.

Vice President Ann Botticelli told KHJ News today  that Hawaiian is accepting  Governor Lolo’s request and there will be no flights to American Samoa until the end of June.


  1. Paogoui Faaiu

    Paogoui Faaiu I am not happy with this at all. It’s been 3 times my flights have been cancelled. I’m a permanent US resident. I need to go home. I sent a letter to the Governor 5 weeks ago. And yet still no answer. What the hell is going on
    I asked for a charter flight for us like what the U.S. Consular did for Apia on the 6th last month. Why can’t they do the same for us? DO SOMETHING PLEASE.

    1. Rena

      I am not sure why you (and everyone else is crying and complaining here in Am. Samoa) when NOT EVEN HAWAII’s Governor is allowing or wanting ANY international flight (and we are considered an int’l flight) – let alone native Hawaiians NOT wanting anyone travelling to/via Hawaii right now too. We couldn’t even have a proper 1 year memorial for our mother 2 months ago; we couldn’t even attend our last surviving uncle’s funeral 2 months ago as well; we couldn’t even tend to our sister’s major surgery last month; we couldn’t even go to our in-law’s funeral last month; not to mention, my husband is an elderly person who has a lot of medical issues; and the list goes on…….. Yes this task force is extremely questionable, and the Governor is NOT my favorite person at this moment also, but I am glad he closed the borders, and I don’t care if he closes it the rest of the year. I’m not exactly the healthiest person also, but I’d rather keep the virus at bay ’til WE all know that we have enough test kits and that LBJ has been equipped to REALLY handle all the cases we’ll have IF and/or WHEN it finally happens. I am sorry for what you are going through, but I KNOW YOU AND EVERY Samoan who lives here and off island knows why we still continue to go off island for medical reasons. Regardless of the best efforts put forth by those who continue to work and give selflessly to our hospital here, EVERY team who we’ve elected into their positions have failed and continue to fail our poor hospital – from ALL the past admins to the current one. God bless you and I hope you’ll find peace in knowing that many of us here are praying for peace and comfort for all of us (including you) who are experiencing various predicaments with these closures. GOD BLESS ALL OF US!!!!!!!


    I would like to call for a Protest. If there are any people that don’t like this at all please let me know on the Messenger. I would really like to organise a Protest on Monday infront of the Governor’s gate. Please let’s do something now. Let’s get an answer for a Charter FLIGHT. My name is Paogoui Faaiu.

    1. Eva Mai

      @Paogoui Faaiu Oh gosh!!! The decisions Lolo & the Task Force are making is the reason why the virus is not here. Be grateful we are safe from this pandemic. For you information Monday is a holiday and everyone’s attention is on spending their stimulus. Pa se nap and igu se tylenol..

    2. Rena

      ….per my reply to your earlier post, I hope that we will all survive this pandemic and find better solutions than what we have at the moment. However, you surely picked the not-so-best-day to have your protest – somehow befitting though and maybe it’ll remind everyone of a senseless loss of lives if even 1 infected person makes it in. Nevertheless, I know everyone has their own opinion and you have every right to do as you please. God bless you and your family and I hope you’ll all be united soon – even if not this month or next month!

  3. TeineSamoaMoni

    Why would anyone want to protest the governor’s decision to keep island closed? It’s best for the island. One person infected will spread like fire. Our people have lots of underlying illness such as obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes …etc. Our facilities can’t hold high numbers of patients so I’m happy with governor’s decision. Stay safe Am. Samoa.

    1. Dotherightthing

      The governor is doing the right thing ,it’s for the safety of our people especially the young ones. There’s no need to protest, only those with no brain will go against the governors decision, fai aku ai foi. We are Free from COVID-19.

      1. Bittersweet

        I am with the Governor’s decision on this. Even if I don’t like it. I have already prepaid flights out of here for June. This is not something to take lightly. Remember the Spanish Flu? There were 3 waves. San Francisco did not get hit on the first wave but they did get hit on the 2nd one and lots of people died. Keep that border close.

    2. MaimauLeTaimi

      I agree with this post! People just don’t understand how difficult it is for the governor and it’s parliament to keep the island protected. It’s for a good reason and it’s for your safety first and foremost. If one person carries it we all could be infected as well. Let them do their thing to keep us safe , be respectful and be patience.

  4. ispywithmylileye

    I’m also happy with Lolos decision…if we have to keep our borders closed for the rest of the year just to keep our people ALIVE, so be it!

    1. WD-40

      Yes, close the border until nobody dies, oops people continue to die! Or open the borders and let the Covid 19 virus take care of all our corruption problems (old guys and gals), lol? Hmmm, lets pray that we learn something from this pandemic – eat healthy; not until you fall asleep (obesity)! More exercise, yes work the land, those who have land – physical activity! Stay home and exercise your mind, perhaps read the Bible or help your children with their school work! Gov, you’ve got my okay – relax all restrictions, Fono go back to work, Church services – yes agree no bingos!

  5. LL

    I think the Governor was bit slow and three months behind in his miscalculation of covid19 readiness,His task force team should have suggested n calculated the enormous setback if specific criteria for reopening the borders are not met. Now the traveling populations who are normally depended on Hawaiian Air flights to meet doctors appointments off island are completely ceased knowing that our local doctors aren’t really qualified to treat some of the patients specific issues. The Governor from the beginning should have learned immediately that covid19 is killer virus therefore he n his what so called task force should have requested to fema long before for necessary actions to assist us in coping and preparing us in this matter. Now five months later he gives his reasons for extending of border closing for something that he n task force should have learned from reaction of other country to the virus n should have done it sooner. With much respect to Governor I think he n the task force have failed to meet expectations in covid19 readiness.

  6. On point

    I agreed with Lolo’s decision to keep our boarders close..Ae Faapefea la pe a oo Ina TATALA alavaa ae lavea lo tatou atunuu oka ole a toe faitio fo’i..O Lea tatou the malamalama e le’i iai SE cure ole faamai ae ua faatuputupulaia le tele I tagata ua maliliu..E Sao e leai nisi o aafia o AS ae ao ona tatou puipuia pea….

  7. Janice Muasau

    I agree too but im suppose to leave for american samoa on june 18 but is still shut down for june so i ask lolo wat should we do?should we pay another fare or who should we contact?Faafetai lava

  8. Unknown

    PAOGOUI FAAIU 🤦‍♀️ Aua eke copy fua I mea a Amelika o le protest, e le maua ai sau stimulus check gao le pau le maua e oe o le BOUNCE check Aua le malovale😂 😂😂😂🤣 gofo lelei ma Kakalo ia vave ga maguia Le akuguu ae aua Le malovale, vaai ae gi kagaka o Le kou aiga e join 😂😂

  9. concern citizen

    That’s a very good decision , and reopening of flights is from our government (AS). Even the HA want to force ASG to reopen flights, the decision is in our hand (ASG).

  10. SeSoiaIa

    Kai Kovana! Kasi Lau mea sa’! Kakou ia complain…ia onosa’i, e tasi oe ae afe ma afe tagata ole atunuu. E le avea fia o ole toa sefulu ae maumau soifua o le toa selau. Lae sui fua dates o kou tickets.

    Good luck Protesting!

  11. Lily

    Don’t be ridiculous. O a au protest? Aua le fia faaka’ika’i fua I le life style a kama pa’epa’e . So annoying you. I wouldn’t want my parents especially my Dad who’s high risk and my whole family to be infected. I’ve paid to fly out next month but I’m not going to get all crazy about it but I’m sad😩 I’d prefer to see them alive not dead.

  12. Moana Haretuku

    Close the borders but allow the local businesses to operate without restrictions. We are in a good place as long as we leave our borders closed but now allow our businesses to stop suffering and operate at full capacity.

  13. Anonymous

    You’re right, it sounds like that’s the only plan he has, but yet what happened to the funds that was to build the facility to quarantine those from off island. Close the borders sounds like the only and simple plan he has. Said it’s not enough kits not enough money to build but yet they paid bonus or something to these leaders of the covid 19 task force. Another sad part about this government is there is no change within, it’s still the same corruption just different way of doing it. I dont want to go off topic that’s for another time which I will post later on my FB page. I get that he’s keeping the island safe, and those here on island, but he doesn’t think or have a plan for those that came to visit before this decision was made from March, you could’ve had a public announcement about those who reside off island may go,those who are only going for the first time or to visit stay and give the people that have business, homes etc. The chance to leave…I know that some will reply back, well y’all should have never come or there only a few of you and how about the safety of the island again I understand, but coming to the island to visit is a big accomplishment for some of us. We dont have the funds and dont have it like some of you do. I would say that me and my family are probably consider middle class now, and don’t get it twisted, we started from the bottom and we still working to better ourselves. All I’m saying is a BETTER PLAN PLAN PLAN, if our leaders where leaders there would be a better plan then just this CLOSE THE BOARDERS. Just venting the frustration!!!!!!!

  14. Repoman

    Fa’aluaina le manatu. All you’re thinking about is yourself, but be mindful of the safest place we have from the covid-19. All for yourself and it will be an impact to the lives of this island. Governor Lolo is absolutely right.

    1. Who’s Being Selfish?

      Nobody is thinking about themselves, we are thinking about our kids that are crying for us day and night and we can’t do anything. You all want us to wait this virus out, what will happen if it our kids catch the virus and we’re still here waiting it out? You can’t keep running from a problem forever.

  15. Wikiwiki

    This is an over abuse of power by Lolo. There are no cases of Coronavirus on island. The infection and death rate is lowering all across the US. He is stretching this out for the Funding available to overpay for his Corona Task Force staff. Where is the Fono in all this to represent their people to have hearings on this issue for family members trying to return home or fly off island for various reasons. This continuance of another 30 day extensions need to stop as he is violating your freedom to travel.

  16. Faamolemole

    I am so sad hearing this news..another 30 days lockdown…we are residents of AS and we came up here in USA for medical appointment on March.
    We have children and one with special needs …We need to come…Please Lolo at least one flight or two to bring your people home then close your borders again…..Remember ,,,When God heard the cry of His people in Egypt He send Moses to bring them Home…..Fai Mai foi e taua tagata uma…

  17. Fesili

    It’s summer, end of school year. Is Lolo’s Scholarship Board bringing recipients home or they are to fend for themselves?

  18. Danielle Monroe

    I believe the governor should hear the people out. There are people stuck in American Samoa because of border closure! Maybe have a charter flight take all the people who need to get back to their jobs and lives! There are US Military Soldiers who are stuck here that came down for emergency leave for a funeral and was never able to return back to duty. Like I said, maybe have a charter flight fly people who need to get off the island and no one on that charter flight step foot on American Samoa soil like they did for the missionaries and everyone else that their governments paid for. Maybe have his task force filter through everyone’s reason to leave and come up with a list of approved personnel and get those people off the island. It’s quite simple while also maintaining border closure and meeting the governors intent!

  19. Mo$$$NoWorry

    NOW! Please open churches and extend business hours to await another COVID funding please Roro. Let the island live a bit of normalcy if the borders are still closed.

    I’m sure church services won’t affect any more stipends for your Task Force Team.

  20. Faith Taylor

    Just an idea. Why not have one flight every two weeks. People flying need to provide medical clearance from their physician. And when they land there, they go through temperatures checks and medical questionnaires base on CDC recommendations..We can’t hide forever. But we can input restrictions and quide lines for the safety for all..Food for thought..Thank you..

  21. Where are the grown ups?

    American Samoa citizens are trippin. What limited thinking they show. No one has to come into your country, goodness🙄 Just let a plane come in, pick up passengers that want to return home and leave. No need for anyone to step foot off the plane. It’s really not rocket science. Please don’t try to reference “American” way of thinking. You sound so stupid saying that as an “American” samoan.

  22. Deeds not Words

    I understand the Governor’s decision is for the health and safety for the people of AS. But this is poor planning by the governor and his administration. If they continued flight restrictions then what is the purpose of the task force operations. There’s no COVID in the island and there’s no reason for working overtime and claiming for overtime pay. That’s fraud, waste and abuse. All the years AS received millions and millions of dollars from the US then why not invest that money for a new hospital as well as new equipment. Maybe, the island is well prepared for this type of pandemic and also taking care of the people of AS. Instead, people are seeking medical treatment overseas due to lack of quality doctors and equipment in the hospital. Where’s the money? US is so generous to provide funds to AS but the people have no confidence of what it is being used for and their purposes. Why? Nepotism. The governor should address the people and come up with the solution instead of telling the people to be patience. WTF. After 3 months of flight restrictions…there should be a solid plan in place. Well there’s nothing. People needed answers and a set date for flights back to AS as each person have different circumstances. I know the people of AS are well educated and they are well aware of CDC guidance. The US president gave the authority for governors to start reopening, they must first show coronavirus cases in their state/territories are decreasing. In AS there’s zero case. What is the governor’s plan for reopening the government? Again nothing. No one is to be blamed for not preparing for this but the governor and his administration. Deeds not Words.


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