All current restrictions continue for 30 days

It’s May 1st  the last day of the current emergency declaration and Governor Lolo Moliga has issued the fourth Amended declaration for COVID 19 .

The territory will remain under Code Blue for the next 30 days and all of the restrictions now in force will continue.

All schools. public and private and the American Samoa Community College will remain closed.

All public gatherings are suspended…only private family gatherings of no more than ten people will be permitted.

Business hours of operation remain at 6:00 am-6:00 pm, but the amended declaration says only those businesses that impact food security are exempted from operating hours restrictions.

We’ve asked the Task Force Chairman to explain .

Restaurant and fast food businesses are allowed take out orders until 10 pm after their dine-in area close at 6pm.

All public transportation services , buses and taxis, will also operate from 6am to 6pm except for buses under contract to StarKist, which are exempt.

Hawaiian Airlines flights will remain suspended for an additional 30 days with reconsideration slated for May 31st.

All Samoa Airways flights are suspended until further notice “however this restriction will continually be reviewed depending on the COVID-19 status of both countries.”

All church services , meetings and events will be suspended until further notice and churches are encouraged to continue worship services remotely via video conferencing technology,.

One new provision in the Amended Declaration reads, “The remains of deceased persons shall not be transported as cargo to American Samoa without the express approval of the Governor or the Coronavirus Task Force.  Failure to seek approval prior to shipment will result in the prosecution of the shipping agency and or the person responsible for the shipment.”

The amended declaration also says, “To protect our supply lines, sustain food security, and support the cannery’s production,  cargo and fishing vessels are allowed to enter,” but they must meet certain conditions prescribed in the declaration.

ASG departments will remain at the current 20 -hour work week  and receive full compensation.

Price gouging is prohibited.

The Chairman of the Coronavirus Task Force Iulogologo Joseph Pereria said Governor Lolo Moliga’s decision to maintain the current status was not made lightly but he continues to maintain his policy of “Erring on the Side of Caution”.

He pointed out that the situation in the  mainland United States is still unsettled including the State of Hawaii. There is also serious discussions on the threat of a second wave if we accelerate the elimination of restrictions

“The Governor is concerned because while we have not had a confirmed case the fact that an asymptomatic carrier can still spread the virus, is worrisome thus his decision to extend our existing restrictions for an additional 30 days, said Iulogologo.

The additional 30 days will give the Department of Health and the LBJ Tropical Medical Center time  to implement their approved Testing Plan which has been started and will be increased depending on the availability of test kits for coronavirus.

“The Testing Plan has been transmitted to Mr. Robert Fenton, FEMA;s Regional Adminsitration  to secure the support and actualize the commitment made by President Donald Trump that the Federal Government will provide sufficient testing supplies to allow States and Territories to fully implement their Testing regimens. At the end of these additional 30 days we will have compiled factual data upon which to make prudent decisions going forward, said the Task Force Chairman.

Click here for full declaration. 2020-FOURTH-AMENDED-DECLARATION-