LBJ Hospital prepares for COVID-19


The LBJ Hospital has seen an increase of individuals presenting at the hospital with flu-like symptoms.

Since last week tents have been set up outside the Emergency Room to triage those with such symptoms.

Registered Nurse Adela Mabala of the Infection Prevention Team at LBJ Hospital gave the hospital’s report at yesterday’s briefing on COVID-19 at the Emergency Operations Center.

She said that 208 individuals with cold, flu and pneumonia symptoms were sent to the triage tents between March 23 and March 28.  Four of these patients are hospitalized.

The hospital has set up a COVID-19 ward with 8 beds and none have been used.

Mabala said that people were still turning up at the ER instead of calling the Department of Health when they have some of  the symptoms of COVID-19 such as a high fever drug cough and shortness of breath.

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Visiting hours at the wards are also being strictly enforced and no children under 14 are allowed.