ASG employees working at home will be monitored

ASG employees, 60 years and older who have been instructed to work from home under the emergency declaration for coronavirus should be forewarned that their movements will be monitored.

Governor Lolo Moliga told the cabinet yesterday that Public Safety, Homeland Security and Human Resources will enforce policies under the declaration including the movement of those who are working from home.

He reiterated his earlier instructions for employees 60 and older not to report to work but to stay and work from home.

The governor said the aim is to minimize people congregating in offices and minize people’s movements.

According to him the only justifiable reasons for those workers to leave their homes is to shop or go to the hospital.

He directed Homeland Security, police, and the Attorney General’s Office to monitor theoe employees and if they are out and about for any other reasons, their hours should be docked.

Lolo told the cabinet that for the four weeks of the declaration all those working at home will be paid their 40 hours per week.

They will monitor ASG finances and see if they can cover salaries of this group after the initial four weeks.

ASG employees are working four 10 hour days per week but its left to each department to stagger hours for their staff to ensure that services are maintained.


  1. jkl

    There is no policies and statutes under local, as well as federal jurisdictions that force the monitoring and docking of hours of a specific age group (60 age) under a coronavirus order to work from home. Unless it’s under a dictatorship regime.

    1. Just Saying

      Under the Governor’s proclamation, the Department of Human Resources was to prepare a policy to guide the pay of ASG employees during this period of time. It is with hope that they covered this aspect of it, and not just leave it open-ended. If it were left to the DHR Director alone, I doubt that a policy is in place but given that she’s smart enough to place a few talented, smart individuals around her, there may already be something in place.

      1. Just Saying

        Sorry, no such leave under the Am. Samoa Regs. I will say this though: although, Administrative Leave is not part of the AS Regs, this administration used it during its 2nd year in office for employees that were representing the territory in international competition (I can’t recall which one though). But, yeah, Administrative Leave wouldn’t & shouldn’t apply to this outbreak. Nice try, though. "Work from home" is a bit more acceptable term, even though no work will actually ever get done 😉 Blame it on the kids being home.

        1. Helloooo

          Not suggesting a freebie here but I too recall Administrations in the past, not just this one that had resorted and approved AL for athletes competing in international sports for ASamoa. Competition is justifiable, okaay but I do think at least for a short time that not all but that a fair number of ASG personnel have some kind of work that they can justify their working from home and…yes, I do realize too that not everyone has access to a computer, laptop, internet, etc. … but this pandemic occurrence is real, not a first for the World, true…but unpredictable, it has been devastating for all global populations and would be just as much for our islands when it reaches our shores…no tests yet to confirm. Hear and see the numbers of deaths worldwide…and it isn’t slowing down at any rate. We all know r situation here…we cannot allow for this to happen to our People. Do we have options at this point, perhaps U may have some better logic and suggestions and I’m not being sarcastic…cause I surely doubt HR Director, Ms. Daisy has a clue, her orders come direct from the G. Opportunities as grim and frightening as the situation is r far in between … take it with a grain of salt!

          1. SUGGESTION BOX

            Not to sensationalize the situation and cause more anxiety but…we need to understand the gravity, the magnitude of COVID-19. Everyone, everyone needs to be extremely cautious and comply w/the guidelines, and all directives in place or modified as needed, it’ll be a consequence of unimaginable levels, otherwise… a crisis ready to happen! Time to be open minded, understand the realities that it presents and the concerted efforts being done to keep our People COVID-19 free and safe as possible. We don’t make the timeline, the COVID-19 sets the time, this is what Dr. Anthony Fauci is saying. It’s not the time to relax nor lessen up the constraints of social distancing and sheltering-in. It maybe 1 to 3 ppl asymptomatic right now, the spike is rapidly increasing.
            If this can bring Italy’s health care system to its knees…where doctors, nurses, technicians and frontline employees r dying at an unbelievable rate while they battle to help they’re countrymen …it’s a very unnerving and stark picture for the health care profession and People of the United States, ASamoa too. America’s numbers…confirmed cases and deaths r escalating rapidly and it is fair to say bcuz there r not enough resources and equipment on hand, we will literally need all hands on deck. There should already be sign ups 4 volunteer service in place…count me in! Science is the answer……let us all keep it in prayer everyday for He will not forsake us!

  2. A new virus called ‘Imbecile’

    Becareful of discriminations against the elderly…it’s a federal offense. Now we’re having homeland security spy on them also?? Does that include wire tapping their phones to make sure their talking only business?
    Are their 15 min. Breaks and lunch hrs monitored. How about inter office and agency telephonic group chats/ meetings. Can we claim those overtime hrs.

  3. Malo lava

    What ever happened to your plan of hiring more doctors, nurses, and such?

    You know Lolo, President Bermudez might hear your cries and send you a team of doctors.

    Why don’t you ask him? He’ll offer a Team for free.

  4. Moli Lemana

    What about golfing if the golf course is opened. The daily routine of him and his people before this declaration with big fat salary to clock in at 7:30am and golf all day. Were they monitored? I have work to do in the field and report updates daily to my department. I better not be questioned by a monitor because I will ask them if they know how to do my work. RIDICULOUS AND SAD.

  5. Patience or patients

    Well, hopefully those 60+ employees are teachers so they’d have homework to look over. Other than that, I don’t know what can be done from home, unless work is actually taken to them to do from home. But what if their home is not equipped with wifi and the necessary office equipment needed to do their work from home?
    Ia onosa’i ia. This group of people are amongst the most vulnerable to catch the COVID-19. Tatou onosa’i ia. Just this once…this year. Ua e iloa? Trump’s package is arriving soon. Onosa’i a.

    1. Guest reader

      It may not b possible if this hits us at crisis level, ppl will die and no one will really care. Let’s pray that it doesn’t!

  6. guest

    Close the borders, gov’t leaders please read up on the spanish flu influenza of 1918. Samoa lost over 20% of its population to that flu pandemic. American Samoa lost none!


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