Answers about gas stations, public transport, restaurants

Members of the public have been asking if service station are exempt from the 6 am to 6 pm business hours.

The Chairman of the Governor’s Coronavirus Task Force Iulogologo Joseph Pereira said that he is currently reviewing requests from service stations for transmittal to the governor for his decision.

For public transport like taxis and buses, the chairman said that all taxis and buses must comply with the dictates of the emergency declaration, which means their operations will cease at 6 pm.

“We are discouraging movement by our people so they can stay at hone,” said Iulogologo.

The only exception is for buses contracted by StarKist to transport workers.

Iulogologo said all businesses must close at 6 pm except for drive-thru service, in which case employers are responsible to transport their workers home.

Carl’s Jr. drive-thru last night was closed by police after 6 pm. However, KHJ News received reports that the McDonalds drive-thru in Fagatogo stayed open 24 hours.

Carl’s Jr. clarified today it only has take out, no dine-in service during the emergency declaration for COVID-19.

“We are allowed 10 people in the restaurant at one time for take out.  We have just been informed that we can open our drive thru past 6 pm to 12 am but our take out service will still only be available until 6pm.”


  1. Adolixious

    Mea Lea e maua Ua kele kovana ma lakou faakogu please can we listen to one thing instead a Fia o lava e kapugi. o a ga mea e kakala le Mc Donald ae kapugi le Carl’s Jr

  2. A thought…

    Perhaps u should revisit protocols and hours of operation that pertain to fast food drive-thru establishments…where frontline workers can access hot cooked meals as long as they practice safe social/physical distancing amongst their customers and workers. Drive-thrus can stagger staff an their hours of work to a minimum 4 that purpose, one location only! Stay safe ASamoa!

  3. Jkl

    The order is perplexing and the average person cannot make sense of the order on daily basis. For example, why would any one need permission or exemptions from Joe and Lolo to put gas into your car? Gas is an essential service that cannot be prohibitive under the order.

    1. It is … What it is!

      Makes a lot of sense, definitely essential! Customers should remain in their cars while gas is being pumped, gas station personnel work staggered hours to lessen exposure and use gloves to accept money from customers, try to keep it at an even # of $, lessen exchange on return change, meaning pump at $5, $10, $20, etc., lets be creative in ways to stay in business but exercising safe ways to implement physical distancing and possible exposure. Stay safe ASamoa!!!

  4. Mary Malauulu

    Iu and Governor, Please close all entry into our island meaning “Absolutely no one under any circumstances” for 2 weeks. Allow people to live their lives, work, school, businesses practicing safety measures respecting others.
    Continuing to pray for our country. Thank you.

  5. Maria

    if were doing the 6 to 6 lets all do it together, you talk about not more than 10 people in one place but HELLOOO you have thousands of people working at the canneries, so lets all be safe Samoa and do the right thing money isn’t everything…God Bless and protect our island Samoa and the whole world.

  6. Just Saying

    All businesses should close at 6PM. There should he no exceptions to the policy. Dont complicate things!! If you open this can of worm, every other business is going to ask to reopen, me being one of them. It’s not fair to the other business owners that are complying!!

  7. Go figure

    So if you say that drive-thru fast food restaurants such as McDonald’s and Carl’s Jr. can remain open; shouldn’t that include all gas stations since they are considered a “drive-thru” as well? Like driving thru to get gas for a few minutes and then leave.


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