Former Walmart manager is new CULess boss

The new General Manager of Cost U Less, Marvin Raps, says he’s here for one reason. And that is to better serve the people of American Samoa.

Raps, a Missouri native, spent more than 20 years as store manager for Walmart Super Centers in California.

He says he is working with suppliers to bring new and innovative products to the territory and is also looking to augment US produce with supplies from here in the territory and neighboring islands.

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  1. Looking forward to some fresh and healthy products.

    Welcome sir…..pleasure meeting you briefly today but hope you won’t forget some plant-based meats, sausages, and wide assortment of Vegan-friendly, low-sodium foods!Too many diabetics, obese people, strokes, heart attacks; and far too many leave us in their prime! We hope your experience here will be amongst your most memorable ones…….welcome to Amerika Samoa!


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