Faalavelave costs should be considered

The General Manager of Morris Scanlan Gas Station Toaalii Scanlan suggests that the territory handle its own problems without resorting to Congress.

He says, “If we keep pushing for change and more money with little to no results to show for it, the US will eventually give up on us.”

His comments are part of the American Samoa Chamber of Commerce’s position paper that was submitted to the General Accountability Office team reviewing the impact of the federally imposed minimum wage hikes on the territory’s economy.

Scanlan said, “We cannot expect local wages to match those of the mainland because there’s not enough volume of sales from the territory’s small population to absorb a spike,” as high as what is proposed.

“Without any real major economic developments  taking place to induce a rise in money fluctuation. the minimum wage increase will have more of a negative impact.

One effect is that startup companies will not be able to survive, small companies will fall to the bigger companies and less jobs will be available.”

Scanlan recommends that contributions of employees to family obligations, or faalavelave should alsol be considered.

“If a quarter of an employee’s paycheck is going toward cultural needs each week, that is a major factor which should be included in the cost of living,” said Scanlan.


  1. Manaia le mau lea

    Thank you Toa, thank you.

    Delusional pride in cultural display plays a major role with how the monetary tool is used. Example is Lolo’s fialelei with the $100k donation to Manu Samoa and their visiting posse. Where did it end? E pa’u i laaaalo.

  2. Bobby Smith

    Business owners will always be against an increase in minimum wage. What they don’t want is for someone to intrude on their profits and tell them how to use it. You should ask those that are barely making it, those people that are making below the minimum wage, ask them how they feel about the bosses refusing to pay them an additional .50 cents an hour and how much they can afford with the pay they’re getting. A slight increase in the pay of those that are making below the minimum wage is a good thing. And it’s a great thing for the economy. The economy can’t grow if money is not being spent there.


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