Select directors slated to receive salary hikes

Review of the Department of Human Resources proposed budget for Fiscal Year 2020 last Friday revealed that 12 directors are poised to receive salary increases.  However the salary increases are not reflected in the budget document.

Senator Tuaolo Fruean said at the outset of the hearing with Director of Human Resources Eseneiaso Liu that its inappropriate to have the Governor’s Chief of Staff earning a salary of $75,000 as proposed in the Fy2020 budget while cabinet members like the Treasurer and Attorney General earn $73,000,.

The week before the budget hearings started KHJ News had received information that select directors were getting salary increases in the new fiscal year.  But the only persons who knew about the increases were the Governor and Director of Human Resources.

Tuaolo asked Mrs Liu if there are pending salary increases for directors and she answered yes,  She stated that the governor is proposing salaries of $75,000 for some directors, those overseeing large departments.

Tuaolo asked her to identify the cabinet members who’re in line to receive an increase in salary.

The following are directors whom Mrs Liu identified however the FY2020 budget doesnt show the $75,000 salaries, but lesser amounts ranging from $70,000-$73,000.

The cabinet members listed in the budget earning $73,000 are Secretary of Samoan Affairs, Attorney General. Commissioner of Public Safety, Treasurer, and directors of Education, Public Works, Port Administration, Commerce, and Human and Social Services.

Earning $70,000 are the Budget Director and Director of Human Resources.

Senator Tuaolo asked why the salary increases are not shown in the budget but hidden.

According to Mrs Liu it was her understanding that directors should have included the salary hikes in their budget submissions.

On the first day of the budget hearings it was discovered that key staffers in the Governor’s Office were listed as having salaries of $75,000 in the current fiscal year when that was their proposed salary for FY2020.

So with this anomaly in figures in the budget, its any ones guess what the real salaries in the new fiscal year would be.


  1. The minimum wage worker

    Again, there are people working at the same pay grade for 17 years in your government of which the increments have stopped, and promotions couldn’t be given, not title changes to help them out, all were stopped by Ese. This is why many have moved offisland, starting all over agin, those who didn’t want to retire, retired. By the time our children’s children grow, there will be no money left!

  2. This administration TRUE COLORS GLOWING!

    It is that time of the year when this administration could and can do anything, ua saili loa manuia mo tagata lava ia! Can’t blame that mindset. E fia ‘ai fo’I Lolo ma lona aupulega.
    Why keep this discrete? Why not on your Budget Report? Referring to ALL Directors. If you want the raise then “raise your hand” Appreciate one Director saying he deserve $5.000. raise, honest to the point.
    I recall one other Director not aware of his raise, perhaps Governor Lolo keeping all Directors happy and remain supportive till they out in year 2020. So to be fair and reasonable in his book and my assumption prior raising salary for Lt to Governor and ALL governor’s office staff. Lets raise the directors to keep all happy.
    All for the leaders and kagi mai ala faiaoga and small kind “ASG workforce” who have worked tirelessly to improve our community. Kalofae ia matou e leai se fighting for us. We only important near campaign time. This administration TRUE COLORS GLOWING!

  3. Malama Pule

    No One thinks of getting better doctors and pay raise for Teachers. Teacher with higher Degrees are paid lowest in the Country. Absurd to the least it hurts ASG doesn’t care because their kids are in better place for their education and better doctors.
    Lolo doesn’t dare lay his back on any LBJ Hospital Bed.
    Where doesn’t END avoiding the REAL issues of teachers paying less than LoLo’s Administration people.

    It’s TIME TO PUT TEACHERS and DOCTORS FIRST in this Island before ASG. CUT OFF your greedy selfish act and give these people the money deserved to teach and doctors.


    This lame duck Kovander has money and carefully made sure to submit these pay raises in the fiscal budget for his staff and cabinet directors, yet the local career service employees can’t get their long overdue increments…how’s that??? Should we anticipate too Lolo that you will be shelving out huge payouts when ya’ll exit office next year…lol…for all the trumped up fake annual leave, comp-time, etc……….BUNCHA B…S…T!!!!………………MONEY-MANIA Ā, TALOFAĒ SĒ!!
    So much for all the phony praises for our services during Workforce Day. Perhaps next year we should all boycott the WD! Hooah…we’ll be too busy with the impending elections to determine who our next gubernatorial team will be…………seriously hope, nothing like yours!

  5. Where is the love

    Well, now that we know who the slated directors are, our next step would be to see which gubernatorial candidate they are supporting. Directors, faamolemole, think about your workers…and put in for their pay raises, too. Instead of hiring many new workers or renewing the contracts of those unneccessary workers, raise the pay of your current workers…DOE, LBJ…come on.

  6. so'u ofo

    …sad to hear, but great to know- it was always that common trend since, aye. I heard this director does not obtain a Master degree nor a Bachelor degree. .”.Eleele le malie i vai”- Cant wait for this faigamalo to be over…

    1. You voted him back and along came along was this Director with no Degree!

      yup you are correct ASG HR Director no Degree period. Ae fia oso iluga laga salary!
      Well you voted for this Kovana brought back this Director!


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