Another protest to save Malae o le Talu

Another peaceful demonstration by Fagatogo residents against the paving of a part of the Malae o le talu  is planned for tomorrow afternoon (Tuesday) according to the organizer Macy Faagata Woo Ching.

The granddaughter of the late Senator Faagata Mano, led a group of family members, nearly all young people who carried signs and called out help us save our malae.

Faagata Woo Ching said Fagatogo residents have messaged to say that they want to be part of the demonstration but they are working people and have asked to stage another demonstration tomorrow afternoon.

She said, “We will gather at the malae at 3 pm tomorrow and will begin our peaceful protest at 3:30 pm.”

High Chief Pulu Ae Ae Jr of Pago Pago  joined the demonstration and held a sign saying, “Gov Lolo stop abusing your executive power.” Other signs said, “ASG didn’t Create Malae o le Talu, “Save Malae o le Talu, “My Iseula , Help save our Malae ole Talu, Fagatogo..”

Passing motorists honked to show their support for the cause. 

Faagata Woo Ching said she was saddened that none of the Fagatogo matais joined them but was grateful to High Chief Pulu for his support.

Pulu said he had been off island for a few weeks and was shocked when he returned to see the east end of the malae being paved.  He said the malae is the focal point and heart of a village, a treasure that is treated with respect and honor.

He expressed sadness that the leaders of Fagatogo are not acting to preserve their malae.

According to Pulu he tried to see Governor Lolo on Friday to discuss the paving of the malae but he was told that the governor was holding a cabinet meeting at the airport.

Also at the demonstration this morning was Herman Popeye Thomsen.

Ms Faagata Woo Ching said all they were told was that the Fagatogo Pavilion was being repaired but nothing was said about paving the malae. 

Its understood that the paved section will be used as play courts for the village and also parking.

Faagata Woo Ching said there are already play courts near the fautasi shed for their village youth.

They want Malae o le Talu to be returned to the way it was.

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The Fagatogo Pavilion Rehabilitation is funded under the Community Development Block Grant Prifram and the contractor is Pentagon Samoa Construction.  The job includes extension of the pavilion, replacing the roof, renovations of the bathroom facility next to the pavilion and construction of the play courts and parking.


  1. Processes and Procedures

    Was there a land use permit for the paving? If so it should have been outlined during the permitting process for the PNRS and community’s review of it.

    I do recall Togiola trying to put his own bathroom in @ the pavilion one Christmas – it was stopped ordered by Commerce because it wasn’t a permitted activity.. if there’s time left perhaps the families should consider a stop order request?

    1. AT

      Interesting. Togiola wanted a bathroom installed at the pavillion? Wow, ka’i over-demanding. Someone should’ve cemented a one-window port-o-pottie in front of the ASTCA building then fix it up with ie lavalava as curtains with the words “ONLY for the governor’s fa’alavelave’s” etched up front.


    C’mon ISE-sayz get out their and protect your stomping grounds…uā ta’avalevale tia sā tatou tuaā. Tread softly outou ga that take these matters lightly and for granted…us Fagatogoan’s are NO PUSHOVERS, yet we come peacefully, in support…TO SAVE OUR MALAE OLE TALU!!!

  3. AT

    What a waste of a malae. There should have been public meetings to gauge the community, or at least the members of the village, on what could be done with the malae. Paving the malae was a pathetic MISTAKE. It is an eyesore and it is not appealing at all especially with tourists looking to enjoy the NATURAL surroundings of American Samoa. If this outlandish construction is possible in Fagatogo, expect other B.S. renovations, parking, and whatever toilet-bowl constructions to happen at other villages. I’m sorry Faagata Woo Ching that not all the matais were there to help you. Faamalo atu ia oe. Thank you to everyone for your support. Keep up the fight.


    Just Keep it Real! Fagatogo is an EYE SORE! If you guys cared so much for your Village get rid of those Old Run Down Buildings! All that TRASH in the Streams washing out to the Ocean. You guys should be glad the Government is doing something to make your Village look good. Passenger ships come into port and your Ugly Village is the first thing they see. Look at the Market, fully Renovated by the Government and not even 5 years and it’s run down already, if you don’t believe me go to the bathrooms i’ll just leave it at that. New Museum New Fire Station New Play Grounds New Basketball courts!!! What do you have to complain about! CLEAN YOUR VILLAGE!

    1. J.L. Lutu

      Have guts and sign your name, calling Fagatogo village ugly, foremost most of the old buildings are Government owned buildings yes, look around the town, now finally its getting fixed. All the trash that you see is from people coming to town and leave their trash around bus stops; throw in the river by the market place as well as the pavilion. Go check out the Registrar Building by the Wharf after the Salamasina and Manu’atele depart–trash everywhere. SO before you blame Fagatogo villagers, please clean your back and front yard first, if you have one.
      You missed the whole point of why my village is protesting, SAVE THE MALAEOLETALU a historical site that we have treasured for many years. Afai e te fia tofotofo SU”E MAI A”U I FAGATOGO.

      1. For your anonymous hatin ass

        Coward, show your face. So quick to judge and don’t even know everything. Get your facts straight. Those bathrooms behind the market are not owned by Fagatogo people. We are not paid to fix up that market, but we do clean it when the people who were hired to clean it don’t do their jobs. Those run down buildings aren’t owned by people in our village. Their owners don’t even live in Fagatogo. All we asked for was to leave the Malae’oletalu alone, the ASG has already done too much. All those trash in our village are from people who COME to our village and leave it there. We never asked for any playground or basketball courts. “New museum, new fire station”? They don’t mean crap.A new fire station ae oki koe aiafu le au firefighters, e ka’u valea aku ai fua le igoa a Fagatogo. You must be a hater to have so much negativity to say about our village. So since you’re just another ANONYMOUS HATER, your argument is irrelevant.

    2. Anja Lee

      Salu your own front yard before you speak on anyone else’s. Every village has gushing stream trash when it rains heavily that washes out to sea and leaves heaps of trash that clutters the island’s main thoroughfare, so stop it! The Market Place is flooded daily with People from every inch of this island, ask me why…it’s a place where the locals gather for whatever their reasons are…you seem to know it all, so figure it out instead banishing the Fagatogo residents for all the ugly you’ve described, as if it were only them and them alone that contributes to the trash and eyesore as you boldly claim. I bare witness to how horrible the Market Place was prior to all of those renovations over the years, remember now it was the island’s premier Bingo Palace way before all of the villages and churches started having their bingo games at their halls and the bathrooms were toxic and atrocious even way back then, just as all of the public restrooms everywhere else are. What’s the purpose of having them when they’re under lock and key most of the time…I just wonder how many tourists have p@@‘d or p@@ped in their pants only to resort to cleansing themselves in our so called pristine beaches that are full of toxic waste and bacteria and who all swims there, EVERYBODY and even the EOB rat infested buildings restrooms that the public uses, probably including yourself not just the Utulei people. I’m being village specific due to your post relative to Fagatogo village. Be mindful of how you speak on peoples villages bcuz you wouldn’t want them to crap on yours. Who you are is immaterial to me, you initiated this response due to your trash talk, so own it, Kaay!

  5. Solemio

    Thanks for all the support for the great cause, we all know it’s not a right thing to do, but the man in charge…is the same man we elected to the highest office of our government the “Governor” whose suppose to protect, its people and do the right thing…well he didn’t, in this case..this was premeditated, and he succeeded to, to do what he wants, and broke the law, by not following the proper established procedures and process in place…so what’s our recourse? I suggest we take him to court, and have him ripped all that concrete out of the Malae…I’m open for suggestion, or we can just, do nothing and let this man walk all over us…Let me know let’s start something…GOFUNDA Malae o le Talu Movement…

  6. Iseula O Le Moana

    First of all, no one told you to come and look at our village. Second most of those buildings are “GOVERNMENT OWN BUILDINGS, we can’t do anything to those big ugly GOVERNMENT buildings. Government owns it they clean it. Museums, Fire Department, all GOVERNMENT. Third, we do clean our village often times. Fourth, Play Ground and the Basketball Court, a man CURRENTLY LIVES IN FAGATOGO bought it for the village. So check yourself before you check my home. Lol, bring your FAIKALA EYES and see it for yourself. AFAI E TE FIA TOFOTOFO, SU’E MAI A’U I FAGATOGO. MALAE O LE TALU!!!


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