Finishing Touches to Jean P Hayden Museum

There’s more work to be done to the Jean P Haydon Museum before the planned dedication on August 30, coinciding with the ASG Workforce Day which will be held at the Fagatogo malae instead of the Veterans Memorial Stadium.

According to the Director of the American Samoa Arts Council Lauagaia Mary Taufetee, the west end of the building had to be torn down and rebuilt because it was termite ridden and the side gave way with a gentle push.

The director says Paramount Construction has completely replaced the west portion of the ceiling and side of the building.

Outside on the dock side of the museum, a fence is being built to match the fence on the other side of the museum next to the Territorial Registrar’s Office.

Public Works had initially renovated the Museum building.

Lauagaia said a Samoan fale will be constructed and will be bigger than the fale that has been moved to the east side of the museum. The new fale will face the Fagatogo malae.

There’s also some finishing touches to the new two story building which will be the new home of the Arts Council.

Dedication of the museum as well as the Fagatogo Pavilion are planned for August 30, during the ASG Workforce Day.

Since its inception in 2013, the Workforce Day has always been held at the Veterans Memorial Stadium. However, Governor Lolo Moliga has decided that for this year the event will be held at the Fagatogo malae and dedication of the Fagatogo Pavilion and the Museum will be held during the celebration.