Police conduct early morning raid at Logotala Hill

Police conducted an early morning raid at Logotala Hill today, which blocked off part of the highay near the intersection at Ililii and Vaitogi.

Logotala Hill has been named in a few court affidavits for drug cases as a distribution location for drugs mainly crystal methamphetamine.

KHJ News understands that the raid took place at 5 this morning and lasted nearly three hours.

Around 8:20 a convoy of DPS units was seen heading from Vaitogi/Iliili towards the Tafuna substation.

Seven individuals are understood to have been taken in for questioning at the substation.

KHJ News saw officers of the Vice and Narcotics Division carrying rifles and what looked like containers or jars with cash from police vehicles into the substation.

A drug sniffing canine was seen being let out of a cage that was at the back of an SUV among the DPS vehicles which were in the convoy.


  1. Alma

    Ka’u valea lo’u gu’u i gei kagaka. I am very upset that the families with the big titles in Iliili cannot come together as loving families and select a person to take the title. Ex. Letuli, Noa, Fao, Le Meana’i. Back in the days, all these titles were occupied and nothing such as these and any crime were committed because of sala/punishments. These titles have been vacated for decades and this is the result. Nothing the small matais can do without these big boys. No Sagapolu and no Fuga. Please families respect and love one another and appoint these good titles so we can have village curfews and faasalaga to help out the police and the law. Nothing the police can do without the village. The families of these drug dealers know what there kids are doing but money is pretty sweet to turn the eye.

    So sad and shame.

    1. theurgist

      sa’o lelei! mana’omia puleaga a matai e tula’i mai ma fesoasoani e tineia faafitauli ma mea leaga ua tutupu i samoa.

  2. Liatama Pinemua Savali

    GREAT JOB……may the Lord protect you from your hazardous occupations and faafetai for your Tautua


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