Locally funded tax refunds out Wednesday

Treasury has announced that it will be releasing another batch of locally funded tax refunds tomorrow, May 15.

This would be the second batch of tax refunds released by Treasury so far …the first one issued last month was also for locally funded refunds only.

The batch out tomorrow are for those who filed their 2018 taxes from January 25th to Janaury 29th.

The amount was not included in the announcement but according to Acting Treasurer Keith Gebauer it’s just over $300,000.

The notice said that for those taxpayers expecting tax refunds including the Additional Child Tax Credit (ACTC), “please be informed that all are on hold for now as we await the (ACTC) funds from the Internal Revenue Service and the US Department of Treasury.

Treasury apologizes for any inconvenience and regrets the delay.


  1. Doing what is right.

    Congrats to Treasury for thinking out side the box. All too often ASG is worried to identify the problems it is having, regardless of the source. In this case, releasing the local refunds tells residents that more often than not the hold up is the IRS.

    1. Too Long

      Right now, it doesn’t matter who is blamed!! It’s the middle of May and they are still releasing taxes for those who filed in January. It’s taking way too long, and it continues to get worse with this administration. Everywhere else in the world, countries are either stagnant or progressing. For American Samoa, since Lolo has taken office we have continued to regress. The only positive for the government is at the federal level with Amata, and the tremendous work she has been doing. Lolo’s administration is going to go down as the most incompetent administration ever but they sure know how to throw lavish Flag Day & Labor Day festivities.

  2. Ua faafetai ua faafetai

    oka thank you se ua taunuu aui upu o le pese “Ua faafetai ua faafetai mo lou manatu mai!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Ha

    Social security beneficiary receives theirs within 2 weeks. How come they blame the IRS. Our tax money was used for the Flag Day show off.

  4. Wake up...

    Come on, the bulk of the refunds are child tax credits, only a small amount are local. Yet, they only covered these ridiculous dates knowing full well they won´t dish out a lot of money for the refunds. Why not release all of January, this is so ridiculous…no wonder people are filing off-island. These couple of years are the worst in the history of tax refunds.

    1. Stop Blaming Others

      Wooowwww Your ssssoooooo right, because our government is corrupted, we should follow suit and file illegally off-island so we can get more $$$ faster. ……
      What a way to justify it…….. smh

  5. 2020 Spring Cleaning

    “Treasury apologizes for any inconvenience and regrets the delay” just cut the crap and pay what is owed to the people and enough with the shallow sympathies. You are quick to splurge on outrageous events and decorate foreigners for your convenience on the backs of tax payers. It’s a prelude to what a Lemanu administration will be like. Vote the most unlikely person in 2020, enough with these recycled corrupt, lying baffoons!


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