Drug bust at Pago Pago Post Office

A substantial quantity of crystal methampethamine was discovered in a package that came through a Post Office box today.

A woman who went to the Post Office to check on her mail told investigators that it’s not the first time that a box with her uncle’s name on it, was sent to the mail box which belongs to her late mother.  She claims that each time she returns the package.

Since a customs dog alerted near the package, an agent told the woman that they needed to inspect it.  The woman said she would not take responsibility for the box or what was in it.  After the discovery, the woman was taken in for questioning first by Customs and then the case was referred to the Vice and Narcotics Division.

Reliable sources said the amount of ice found in the box was 11 pounds.

When asked for comment, Acting Treasurer Keith Gebauer declined to confirm or deny the incident or answer any of our questions.


  1. Samoa716

    Here is what doesn’t make sense, if the female picking up the box will not be responsible for it, and wants to have the box returned to sender, then why did customs have to open it? If the post office checks the Identification of the person picking up the box versus the name on the box why was it given to her? Can we please get some customs officers that know the law and how to do their job? This box could have been sent back to where ever it came from and the Feds could have followed up on who sent it. The big fish isn’t the person selling it in Pago, the big fish is the supplier in the U.S.. This is what happens when you have people who don’t know how to do their jobs (and it starts at the top) training people the wrong way. Treasury needs to get people in positions that know the law and understand the law. That goes for the all the deputy treasures they have. Kudos the K-9 unit for the bust but you all need to be trained better.

  2. Faiakuaifoi

    Customs together with Vice and Narcotics needs to be trained properly to handle these cases. Look at the big picture. Catching them in the mail is good, but if you want to catch the BIG FISHES, let the small ones go and track them….


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