ASG to receive compensation for “hosting” Wise Honest

The American Samoa Government is being paid by the US Government for having the North Korean freighter Wise Honest here.  This has been confirmed by ASG and US Coast Guard officials who spoke to KHJ News today on condition of anonymity.

However no information could be obtained on how much the actual payment is.

KHJ News has also received information that the Wise Honest could be here until December.

Director of Homeland Security Samana Semo Ve’ave’a said that this information was given at briefings with federal officials last week.

He said if that timetable remains  there’s concern that the freighter will impose a risk if a cyclone was to hit as it would be here during the cyclone season.

Coast Guard Public Affairs Officer Amanda Wyrick told KHJ News that the length of time  for the vessel to remain in American Samoa is really dependent on the results of the Dept of Justice investigation.

Today the vessel was still anchored at the main dock in Fagatogo but Coast Guard officials said that it should be moved to anchor somewhere in the harbor if not later today then tomorrow.

Coast Guard Lt, Al Blaisdell, head of the Local Coast Guard Detachment said that there’s 24/7 security for the vessel while in port and everything is being done to avoid any hindrance to the movement of vessels in Pago Pago Harbor.

He said that this operation provides an opportunity for local law enforcement to receive training on different scenarios.

He added that the US Government’s partnership with ASG is really working out well on the Wise Honest mission.


    1. Alma

      Ernest, faalogo o lae fai le lakou faalifu kalo i kua le ofisa o leoleo, lol. Ea o need sau au su’isu’i e open ai sau falesu’isu’i.

      1. Monica Miller Post author

        EDITOR’s REPLY: THe Wise Honest crew was removed before the vessel left Indonesia,

  1. OMG!!!

    O le a lē aogā o ga kupe ae ke’i ua afāiga ai le akugu’u ma kagakagu’u? Leaders of American Samoa, please think twice. Why does it take that long to fix it? If so, take it somewhere else. Smh

  2. Don't blink an eye

    Well, I’m glad to hear we are getting some sort of compensation for the time the Wise Honest is here. I see no problem with it being here during a cyclone – except if it were to sink and leak oil and other fluids into our harbor. Is it carrying anything nuclear? I hope they check the boat to make sure there aren’t any explosives and what nots and that wherever they decide to park it, it is a safe distance from the public – whether we are on land or travelling by sea. Would the presence of the Wise Honest deter cruise ships from docking at our harbor? If so, we should also be compensated for loss revenue, as well. Please make the best use of this vessel while it is here – training wise. Our prayers are always with our Motherland.

    1. Toetimata Le Upega

      Le taitai o le malo o Fea o iai sou taofi?? Pe sili ea tupe poo le saogalemu o le atunuu lautele . Aea le lumanai o a tatou tupulaga o le atunuu. Famolemole ma le agaga maualo ia toe timata le upega ma tuutuu I le loloto. Tatou te le mailoa poo lea se tulaga o loo fuafuaina e na atunuu ona o le lē fiafia i le peresiteine o le malo tele o Amerika. Why didn’t they fix it in Indonesia or wherever they went to drop their crew members and they decided to come there?? Fai mai le upu faasamoa e le aoaia e laupua tana faiga ae ua nao se tuualalo atu a le afafine vaivai mo se alualu i luma o si o tatou atunuu. Ae ola le auauna nei Fafetai.

  3. Justan Idea

    This is a site that reported that North Korea wants this cargo ship back!
    WHAT THE HELL??????

    American Samoa YOU ARE NOT SAFE!!! … NK can easily target us and perhaps would just destroy the ship themselves – i read somewhere also of people’s comments and one said – AmSamoa is better than Guam and Hawaii – less casualties!!! WHAT THE HELL??!

    Please remove this ship from here NOW!!!!!! take it in the middle of nowhere ocean and blast it to bits and sink it!!!!


    WHY wasn’t this A$G compensation mentioned by the actg hush-hush Pledge LT, in his delayed PR press statement last Saturday???

    American GREENBACK $$$$$$$$$ does alot of weird POLITICS by Our so-called public officials, such as withholding pertinent information from the tax-paying population, especially local CLOWNS eagerly seeking public office on 11/10/20!!!

  5. Samoa716

    More money to be wasted by ASG. Maybe they can use the money for the Governor’s hospital bill in Seattle, or to hire some more military retirees.


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