ASPA avoids 10% across the board salary reductions

The American Samoa Power Authority is able to cut costs from other sources and thus stave off a contemplated reduction in salaries for employees.

That’s according to Acting Executive Director of ASPA Wallon Young.

Last September, employees of ASPA had been informed that due to a cash flow situation to prepare for a 10 percent across-the-board reduction in salaries.

The planned reduction was never implemented.

When asked what changed to enable ASPA to prevent the reduction, Young said they looked at their numbers and were able to cut costs, thereby avoiding the planned salary reductions.

On another issue, ASPA has put on hold the shipment of utility poles from Tonga.

Young explained that they were doing tests about the strength and durability of the poles.


  1. Get it together already.

    Lol. I’ve worked in places where we got pay increases, but never reductions. OMGosh! Well, glad they were wrong with their numbers. I mean, who tells their employees this before they’ve exhausted all other options. Ridiculous. Very disappointing.


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