Unexplained death of chickens in Samoa

Fowl cholera is suspected in the unexplained deaths of chickens in a flock in Samoa but the Ministry of Agriculture is not confirming the cause because inconclusive autopsy results.

The Samoa Observer reported a ministry spokesperson saying the history of signs of the illness within the flock are highly consistent with fowl cholera.

“This disease is the most common cause of sudden mass death in chickens in Samoa and many surrounding Pacific Islands as per our eperience stretching back many years from many post mortems,” said the spokesperson.

The ministry points out there’s no cause for alarm about humans getting infected by the disease which can be treated.

“It is important for the public to note that it is not a disease that can affect humans and therefore there is no need to worry about people getting sick,” says the ministry.

The disease is from a bacteria that can live in the soil, in dead birds and on contaminated clothes and equipment.

The ministry says the bacteria can easily be killed with household disinfectants and sunlight.