Where is the gym for NVTHS?

There’s strong reaction from parents of Nu’uuli Vocational Technical High School to news of Tafuna Elementary School getting a gymnasium when their high school is still waiting for a gym that has been on the drawing boards for nearly ten years.

DOE officials and parents of students who have graduated from NVTHS have told KHJ News that during the Togiola Faoa Administration CIP funding in the amount of $400,000 had been approved for the NVTHS gym.

However when the Lolo Lemanu government  took office, funding for the gym was redirected.

KHJ News was able to get confirmation that the funding was used to build classrooms at Fagaitua High School.

And since then there has been no further funding allocated for NVTHS’ gym.  So the school is the only public high school still without a gym which leaves it without a covered area for assemblies, graduations and other school events.

Meanwhile Tafuna Elementary is the third elementary school to get a gym.

Aua Elementary and Matafao Elementary are the other two.

A former PTA President of NVTHS said he met with the Director of Education to discuss using land that Pacific Products occupied for the gym and there were assurances that the school would soon hear good news, however more than a year later there’s been nothing.

Government officials tell KHJ News that the gym for NVTHS is not on the Capital Improvement Program list and neither is it listed under the Governor’s Special Programs.


  1. mc hammer

    A gym is good but better a trade shop with tools, kits, and technical teachers for the so called trade school should be top on the list.

    1. A. Letuala

      I agree 100%, this is a Vocational School, trades and obtaining skills should be the priority. Parents and Teachers make this your priority, not a gym.

    2. WildcatPride

      Se McHammer , fai se magaku lelei, magaku a le kagaka makua! You must not have visited VoTech, have kids go to VoTech, teach at VoTech. You must be looking from the outside in, unknown of what is actually going on in the school for you to think you know what this school’s needs are. If that’s your logic along with your fellow A.Letuala, then why do other school’s have a gym when their priority should be academics and not focusing on SPORTS???

  2. Guest

    The students of NVTHS, their parents and it’s PTA’s strong reaction to the latest news after 10 years of waiting…IS JUSTIFIED!! ASG funds are tied up all over creation and they got big cash flow problems…se tatou vaai pe mo’i le tala ale Fa’atonu ia Ruth. E lelei pe a good news ae le boo-hoo-hoo news…e leai se tatou!

  3. Wrench in the works

    MC Hammer nailed it to the wall
    Nu’uulii Vo tech was originally set up to be a technical trade school for young adults who had potential skill to make money using their hands and brains. But what happened? Go look for yourself. No tools. Cause they get stolen as soon as they aren’t locked up.
    Now years later Nu’uuli Vo tech is just another ho hum public high school. mechanically talented people come over from Apia (trained in their school built with Japanese money). And if not enough skilled people from Apia hello Filipinos. Who controls the construction industry (other than the top end guys; Fletcher’s, McConnell Dowell and now Paramount) a no brainier, the Filipinos.
    Instead of a gym to play basketball, upgrade the Shop with cameras ( to catch the thieves), lifts that work and a good spray booth, all properly maintained. Also, how about a 12 or 24 inch industrial planner for the finishing joinery students. Before sending the talented, mechanically minded to UTI in Arizona,. teach the students to read drawings and make things with their hands first.
    Nu’uuli Vo Tech was not suppose to be a gpa school! What happened? Easy, the politicians got lazy and let it slide. That’s why, down the road, Chris’s Auto Body Shop gate is always locked. Too much business not enough “local” talent to do the repairs. If you are a “connected business” and a good paying customer, Chris will answer your phone call,( He will recognize the number first before picking up).
    So… if you want to play basketball join the Mormon Church, otherwise lets see some local talent with good equipment developed in American (?) Samoa.

  4. Parent

    MC Hammer, Wrench in he works, Letuala: Don’t smart remarks when you have no idea what it feels like.
    The gym is not only for sports. Every year kids sit outside the sun for school assemblies, career days and trade fairs. Even with tents, they deal with dust blowing up all over the place. They just recently covered and added window screens for their small cafeteria because of this dust problem. I’ve seen Physical Ed teachers during Samoa Samoa’s time to present, improvising and utilizing the lions park for their lessons and activities OUT IN THE SUN THREE TO FOUR TIMES A WEEK. I even saw them utilizing the old Pacific Product auto shop.
    The school needs a gym as part of the improvement plan proposed based on accreditation.
    Wrench alu ‘oe faigaluega ia Chis pe’a ua e vi’ivi’i Accord Collision and all the other people from Upolu coming here with skills and talents. Try having your son or daughter stand outside the sun breathing dust….just so they could participate in school function and activities. We take these little things for granted and lightly, but it really helps with boosting the students motivation to come to school. Aua koe ke mafaufau mama i le upu GYM…..it’s not just about sports people…. O lo’o fa’aaoga i mea fai ale aoga e fa’aalualu ai i luma aoaoga ale fanau. Se, e solomusa a ia kakou ia e o mai i o ma o ia e FAIKIO mai….. Malolo mai ae se’i fai pea le leo o fanau mo se Fale e mapu ai. Aua le fia atamai ma fa’afiapoko. What you all are suggesting is already there!!!! It just needs improvements, But, this is the voice of the KIDS, STUDENTS and TEACHERS/Parents who have dealt with this problem for many many years… let it be heard. Ae ‘o’oga mai pea oukou ia ma kou comments fia akamai ia.. This was one of the recommendation that was mentioned to us parents by the school administration given to them by the WASC team that came down to accredit the school. So, koma mai ‘ae aua le fia popoko….

    1. WildcatPride

      Well said Parent!! These people are part of the “talkers” gang. They talk so much but don’t offer any productive solution as to what exactly needs to be done. Even their logic is of little minded people!!
      We, teachers, see our students suffering from our school events, being in the sun, seeking shelter under buildings when it rains, and constantly being bounced around for our graduation. They ought to think about that!!!

    2. mc ham

      Read my lips, I said a gym is good……..but . I did not say NO gym. I also agree a gym is useful for other activities other than sports. I’m a technical person that also loves sports and other social and educational activities that requires a covering from the weather. Priorities!

  5. Just a hint

    NVTHS was very fortunate to have their PTA organized into a Non- Profit under Carol Baqui. With that great accomplishment, there are tons of grants opportunities for training, facilities improvements and educational enhancements.

  6. Well-meaning expressions without name-calling!

    @PARENT……I’m sure a lot of our fellow posters mean well and I for one welcome their views without resorting to being rude and adolescent name calling! I think the important issue isn’t whether a gym is needed (which is) but where the approved $400,00.00 really went. Everyone here has good points, especially yours as an insider! Merry Xmas and may you all have a joyous one & all be more civil to one another! Especially when expressing our freedoms! Male ava tele!!!!

  7. NPTHS PTA had NPO

    Your PTA is NPO, apply for grant. Polytech has been wanting a gym and felt entitled to a gym, while the Cafeteria was infested with rats, while the classrooms needed improvements, when the kids were attending classes in a makeshift shack which had an extension cord run from the other building, and the horrible bathroom conditions where the boys could see into the girls side. This is what the Governor corrected in his first term, higher priority than the gym. So PTA, get a grant with your NPO status.

    1. Parent

      Npths, se kukusa a OE male au fiapoko male au fai excuses ia e I luga. Technically, the whole school needs to be repaired perhaps koe FAi akoa, but olea e oki le faiga malo!!!!! So, put up a gym for the kids…for now!!!! Mulimuli mai so called priority” ….aua le fai excuses oukou ia le vaega ale kovaga…ile NPO a le aoga…faasaosao kou galuega

  8. Nunya

    On point! I’m reading so many BIG TALKERS.
    W-MEWN-C, Honey everyone is entitled to
    Their opinion, including you! Stop trying to preach!
    Talk Talk Talk……..if you people are so concerned about
    Other “productive” activities facilitated in a non-
    Existing “GYM”! What have you done? or have you
    Done anything? or have you given back to the school to help The students other than your lousy comments?
    Try backing up your words and put it into action!
    I can go on & on about giving back to help the students & teachers! You Give because you REALLY care!
    Speak/Comment because you’re REALLY trying to
    Help & make a difference by actually donating to help
    The kids! I’ve been hearing “Grants” a million times!
    Where is it? Too much talk! Go do it then! I can’t hear you now?????…..Look, all the repairs etc……take action & donate!
    Little by little, It makes a difference, Because I have!
    The more you give to help, the faster the GYM will
    Be built! All this talk…….ain’t helping out, take action
    & give something back to this school to help out in other
    Areas needed! If I can do it, I hope you can!
    I speak with my Heart, because I care, my actions
    Speak for itself!

  9. Moli Lemana

    The assigned land previously leased to Pacific Product supposedly for a gym is no longer available for NTVH. It has been portioned into two per directive from Keniseli Lafaele, Director of DOC to two local businesses that I will not mentioned names. One of the portion is leased to a friend of mine who originally had an approved lease with FAA at the airport now occupied by a friend of the current administration. My friend paid in advance the airport lease, and as a trade off because there is no money to pay back my friend, that other portion is leased to her. As of now, none of the lot is developed and I don’t think it will ever be coming 2020……..I feel for the NVTH because I do outreach there every semester for the Samoan Language and Culture classes, unfortunately, classroom is so small and uncomfortable for the students……NOT A GOOD TEACHING ENVIRONMENT.


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