US Passport Office team ask for help in fraud probe

Officials from the US State Department Passport Offices in Honolulu and Los Angeles are currently in the territory.

Chief Immigration Officer Peseta Dennis Lutu who met with the team yesterday says the group includes the Manager of the US Passport Office in Honolulu, Linda Larson and a new special agent in charge at the Honolulu Office.

He was informed that there are active cases of passport and visa fraud by individuals who came from the territory to the US and the federal officials would be seeking assistance from local authorities for their probe.

He said the cases involve not just American Samoans but people of other nationalities who migrated from American Samoa.

The cases include those who visited on visas and did not leave when their visas expired and used fraudulent means to be allowed to remain in the US.

The officials will be back in January and will bring their big boss from Washington DC.

The officials who leave tomorrow night will also be meeting with the Attorney General, and Homeland Security Department.


  1. Dave Solomon

    WOW! Caution to those who have knowingly applied for a passport illegally. Applying is not illegal, its the documents that are required when false-fully submitted that makes it illegal. One of the documents that’s always in question and now more-so because of the Real ID is the Birth Certificate. I have read time and time again in the past of questionable birth certificates issued in American Samoa which allowed for the application to go through. So heads up folks!

  2. Tasiaelasi

    Se’i maua ai le vaega a le Immigation ma latou mea pi’opi’o lae e fai. Leai ni records o tgt lae e o atu i fafo. Alu atu ai ma le au sponsors lia e avatu tgt i fafo. Lea la ua o atu tama papa’e e faasa’o tou mea pi’opi’o na e fai

  3. A Disillusioned Resident

    The Fed should just take over the Immigration Office, then all the BS will stop, just like in Saipan.


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