Who’s in, who’s out after Election Day

The 36th Legislature will have eight new members in the House of Representatives and 13 incumbents.

That’s according to unofficial results of yesterday’s mid term elections when the voters of American Samoa went to the polls to elect members of the local House, a delegate to Congress and a proposed constitutional amendment on the veto override power.

The House members who were re-elected yesterday are:

  • Fetu Fetui
  • Vesi Fautanu
  • Vailiuama Steve Leasiolagi
  • Vaetasi Tuumolimoli Moliga
  • Faimealelei Anthony Allen
  • Manumaua Wayne Wilson
  • Savali Talavou Ale
  • Sam Ioka Meleisea
  • Timusa Lam Yuen
  • Afalava Gafatasi

Three incumbents had already been voted in before Election Day.

Titialii Kitara Vaiau and Vailoata Eteuati Amituanai ran unopposed and Su’a Alexander Jennings was selected by Swains islanders for another term.

New members who were elected at the polls yesterday were:

  • Tiaoalii Fau Sai who replaces Toaeaina Faufano Autele who didn’t seek re-election in Manua District No 2,
  • Tupua Shaun Vaa who defeated Lavea Fatulegaee Mauga in Vaifanua
  • Gene Luaitaua Pan who topped the polls in Sua #1 outvoting incumbent Fialupe Felila Fiaui Lutu
  • Loia Gutu who defeated Matagi Malotumau Sialega Mauga in Sua #2
  • Vesiai Poyer Samuelu who replaces incumbent Veevalu Meauta Mageo in District # 9-Pago Pago,
  • Logoituau Mark Timoteo Atafua who outvoted Sala Sataua Dr. Mataese Samuelu to win one of the two seats for Ituau,
  • Andra Samoa the only woman candidate to succeed at the polls, she replaces Fagaoatua Dorian Salavea for Leone
  • Larry Sanitoa who outvoted Vui Florence Saulo to take up one of the two seats for Tuala-uta.

In the congressional race Aumua Amata  won  by a landslide majority, winning 83.3 % of the total 8,638 votes cast while her two challengers combined received 16.7%.

Aumua carried all 17 districts by large majorities in a lopsided race.

Amata polled 7,194 votes or  – 83.3%

Tuika Tuika 785 – 9,1%

Meleagi Suitonu Chapman 659 – 7.6%

The result was largely expected.

Talking with John Raynar at her campaign headquarters last night Congresswoman Aumua Amata expressed her gratitude.

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And voters overwhelmingly rejected the referendum on the veto override power.

Those who voted no numbered 5957 69.6% and those who supported it was 2,605 or 30.4%. The amendment which would have allowed the Fono to override the governor’s veto of a bill , instead of the Secretary of the Interior, was defeated in all 17 districts.

Using the Election Office figures for the congressional race, only 55.5% of the total registered voters of 15,541, cast ballots.

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