More House election results & referendum

Incumbent faipule for District No 3-Vaifanua Lavea Palepoi Mauga has lost to Tupua Shaun Vaa.

Tupua received 282 votes while Lavea got 242 votes.

A new faipule has also been elected in District No 6-Sua #3. Incumbent Matagi Malotumau Sialega Mauga with 113 votes lost to Loia Gutu with 127 ballots.

District No 10-Maoputasi #4 has re-elected Vaetasi Tuumolimoli Moliga. Vaetasi recieved 109 votes, Tapai Alailepule Ben Vaivao polled 76 and Tina Vivao Ioane received 27 votes.

In District # 11-Maoputasi #5 incumbent Faimealelei Anthony Allen outpolled his opponent Muiavanoa Fofoga Pila  171-154

District No 14-Alataua has returned House Speaker Savali Talavou Ale.  Savali received 266 votes, Fatumalala Al Shehri -64 and Mona Uli-15.

In District No. 16-Tuala-tai Timusa Tini Lam Yuen has been re-elected with 198 votes, Manavaalofa Tutuila Manase-182, Manu Talamoa-118 and Peni Te’o-34.

The results of the referendum on the veto override power

No : 5,957

Yes: 2,605





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    There you have it…so what is it that our PEOPLE did not understand about the Veto Override CON AM this time around versus past referendums on the SAME issue??? LOL. It ain’t gonna happen anytime soon, a lot will have to change before the People will allow for that to become a reality…it may never happen consider that… because Checks and Balance ~~ Transparency and Accountability is what the People want.


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