Ituau District unofficial results

With all votes counted the unofficial results of the House of Reps election in District #12-Ituau are:

(I) Manumaua Wayne Wilson 482

Logoituau Mark Atafua 466

Willie Mauga Togafau 289

(I) Sala Sataua Dr. Mataese Samuelu 220

Manumaua is returning to the House while Sala Sataua will be replaced by Logoituau Mark Atafua.



  1. farmerboy

    Congrats Brother Mark/Wayne…….Logo youre so right if you asked God first he will answer your every need….you dont need money to become a only need God…malo le tauivi malo le taumafai..viia le Atua….God Blessed!

  2. Tama Samoa

    Congratulations Logoituau!
    Now that you are in the Big House how about setting a p residence for the rest of the Boys you will be rubbing shoulders with in the next 2 years.
    466 of us voters would like some communication once in a while
    How about a Facebook address, or even a cell number or post office box.
    Let the show begin…good luck
    But…who will you vote for Speaker?
    waiting to see.


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