Businesses urged to answer economic census questionnaire

The US Census Bureau carries out a census of businesses in American Samoa every five years.

Two officials from the US Census Bureau, Bobby Nusc and Bill Samples  are in the territory as part of preparations for the 2017 Economic Census.

Questionnaires will go out to all local businesses with paid employees beginning May 1st

The census will collect information on revenue, payroll, employment and other statistics that would help give an accurate picture of the state of the economy.

The economic census provides data used in determining the territory’s gross domestic product.

Businesses are mandated by law to answer the census questionnaire.

Nusc said for the first time the questionnaire will have industrt specific questions.

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The Bureau will mail the questionnaires directly to local businesses beginning may 1st and filled forms should be returned to the Bureau by June 12.

The results of the census should be available in October.