Don’t let guard down with dengue

The Department of Health is reminding residents that the territory is still in the midst of a dengue fever outbreak and they must take precautions to protect their families from this mosquito spread disease.

Epidemiologist at DOH, Aifili John Tufa, dispelled reports that there have been cases of chikungunya  since Gita swept through the territory.

He says what they’ve seen at the community centers is a surge in cases of the flu and diarrhea.

According to Tufa, dengue fever is still spreading and with the focus on Gita recovery, people shouldn’t let down their guard against dengue.

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The only cure for dengue is prevention.  DOH reminds you about the four Ds.

1. Drain all unnecessary water around the house.

2. Dress right… long sleeves and long pants while out doing yard work.

3. Use mosquito repellant with Deet

4. Discuss with family members that dengue is back, and prevention measures.

If you have any questions call the DOH Surveillance Office at 699-4606.