Waiver request awaits assessments

Governor Lolo Moliga says he has written to Congresswoman Aumua Amata to help get the territory’s request for a waiver of the 25% match for FEMA assistance to the appropriate high level authorties in the Trump Administration.

Under the presidential disaster declaration the territory is entitled to individual and public assistance under a 75% to 25% cost share.

According to the governor, the final request will be made when an estimate of the losses and damages are known.

The damage assessments began today.

There are a handful of FEMA officials now on island and more are expected tonight.

Meanwhile Lt Governor Lemanu Peleti Mauga, the Governor’s Authorized Representative to FEMA, has relocated his office to the Department of Homeland Security Office in Tafuna, to oversee the EOC operations and response and recovery phases.

Daily meetings are being held at the EOC where directors give reports of their response to the cyclone and assistance provided for victims.

Listeners meanwhile have kept our stations’ phone lines busy calling in to inquire when power and water will be restored to their villages, and for other information such as when schools will resume.

Public schools are closed for this whole week, staff are cleaning up their classrooms and campuses.

The American Samoa Community College is cancelling classes again tomorrow.