Thank you and Happy New Year

As we count down the hours to 2018, we at KHJ News wish to thank you for making us your source for news.

December 3 marked 17 years of our news service.

We started that day in 2000 with three daily news bulletins in English.

Then we added a Samoan version of local news in Talanei on V103.

Next came Tala Mai Samoa, a daily bulletin of news in the Samoan language from across the water.

We also retained a correspondent in Washington D.C. Matt Kaye in 2014.

Our news website was also added and has become a popular source of news not only for local residents abut off island readers as well.

Providing a high quality news service on an island with a limited pool of trained journalists has been challenging,

But we have tried our best to bring you up- to-date and accurate news with the limited sources of information available, and sometimes reluctant guardians of information.

We thank you for being with us this year, and we certainly look forward to bringing you news in 2018.

Happy New Year from your KHJ News Team: Doug Tuigamala, Sa Viena and Monica Miller.