StarKist shutdown three weeks instead of two

The owners of StarKist Samoa are not saying why the close down for the holidays has been extended from two weeks to three weeks.

KHJ News had quoted General Manager Sangdong Kwan two weeks ago saying that StarKist Samoa would resume production January 8.

But according to Michelle Faist, spokesperson for StarKist Co, the first day of production for 2018 is January 15.

Faist has not answered our questions as to why the shutdown is longer than what the GM had announced earlier.

The three week shutdown comes on the heels of a 5-week closure from September to November while the Satala plant was retrofitted with equipment to make it environmentally safe.

This was a condition imposed by the US Environmental Protection Agency which found that the cannery violated conditions of its permit for dumping tuna sludge in the harbor.