Where Are the School Buses?

It’s a brand new school year with an old and recurring problem.

Ituau malosi lawmaker, Manumaua Wayne Wilson, has requested specific information through the House Education Committee, Rep. Tu’umolimoli Moliga, of the status of the school buses.

He shared with members of the House that his children and the rest of the children from Manulele Tausala Elementary were late to class on their first day of school yesterday because there was no bus.

Contacting the bus driver, he was told that the bus has been taken to get fixed during the summer and it still not ready.

He was also told that a new school bus is expected to arrive next month but cannot confirm this

House Speaker Savali Talavou Ale asked the Education Committee Chairman to look into this situation.

Savali said he’s aware that school bus transportation is not limited to one area.

He pointed out that students from back villages are not as fortunate as those in Ituau malosi District where there are a lot of commercial buses running that can transport students to school when there is no school bus.

The school bus situation is likely to come up during review of the Department of Education budget of more than $65 million for Fiscal Year 2018 with $47,038,000 to come from federal grants and $18,600,000 to come from local funds.

Director of Education Dr. Ruth Matagi Tofiga is scheduled to testify Monday on DOE’s proposed budget.

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