SBA Committee Looks at Streamlining Permit Process

Congresswoman Aumua Amata today welcomed efforts by the Small Business Committee examining the need to strengthen small businesses and streamline the federal process of obtaining permits.

On Wednesday, the House Small Business Committee held a hearing titled Expediting Economic Growth: How Streamlining Federal Permitting Can Cut Red Tape for Small Businesses.

Specifically, the Committee heard testimony on the ways that multiple agencies often overlap on oversight of a single small business project, causing delays and extra expenses.

“We depend on small businesses in American Samoa, and want federal policies to encourage them to experience growth, help their communities and create jobs,” said Aumua Amata.

“Federal permits serve a purpose, but often that purpose gets weighed down in such a complicated process that it becomes an unnecessary burden on a small business. An owner of a corner shop could run into so many costs and delays that it struggles to get started or stay open.”

“Unlike larger corporations, a small business in American Samoa doesn’t start out with a staff of lawyers, accountants and other experts to handle all the federal requirements, so it’s important to examine ways to simplify this process for them,” continued the Congresswoman.

“Most new or expanding small businesses must start out by getting a series of government permits allowing them to build, acquire property, sell a product or provide services. Ideally, these regulations should be a safety net that act more as guidance to small businesses and not an obstacle

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