US Nationals Will Pay More to Enter Samoa

Samoa is raising the permit fees for US nationals traveling to Samoa.

At present a permit for up to 14 days is $10 but effective October 9,the fee will be $20.

For urgent issuance the fee will be $30.

A 30-day permit will be $40 and for urgent issuance it’s $50.

A permit for US nationals visiting Samoa for 60 days is $60 and it’s $70 when fast tracked.

Samoa is charging US nationals a transit permit of $50.

A multiple entry permit of 12 months is $150.

For people who overstay their permits, a new fee of $ST200 has been added.

The permit fees for US nationals are included in a host of immigration service fees that have been increased by the Samoa government which will all go into effect October 9.

A Samoan passport which now costs $ST200 will cost $ST250 for an adult and $ST125 for a child 16 and under, come October 9.

It will cost $250 and $125 US dollars respectively if one obtains a passport from the Samoa Consulate office here.  If obtained in New Zealand or Australia it will cost the same in the currency of those countries.

For urgent processing of new Samoan passports the cost is $300 for an adult and $175 for a child.

Samoa’s Consul General Auseugaefa Vaasatia Poloma Komiti told KHJ News that the fees have not been changed for several years and the nominal increase reflects the increase in the cost of providing these services.

A full list of the immigration service fees may be obtained from the Samoa Consulate  at the Susana Usesele building in Fagatogo.

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