Ex-guard of Juvie Center Wants Charges Severed

An ex guard of the Juvenile Detention Center, Okesene Alo, appeared in the High Court this morning for a hearing on his motion for severance of counts.

Alo was initially charged with 35 counts including 28 felonies of which 10 are for the rape of several juveniles, 16 years or younger, and two other felony sex related charges.

District Court Judge Fiti Sunia had dismissed 14 felony counts filed by the government because he was not satisfied with the evidence presented to support the charges.

Alo’s attorney, Joshua Rovelli, told the High Court today, charges against his client could be divided into four categories which include drug related, escape related, and alcohol related charges.

He disagreed with the government’s position that the charges are based on a series of the same acts and discretion.

He said there’s no connection between these charges and they should be severed.

Christie Dunn, Assistant Attorney General said she disagrees with the defense as the victims in this case are juveniles and the defendant downplayed his authority , and responsibilities and abused the power given him to be the custodian for these children.

Dunn also said that Alo was not doing his job as a guard because he was just doing what he likes.

She asked that the court deny the motion by the defense.

The matter has been taken under advisement.

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