No more discussion about disciplining Rep Lavea

There’ll be no House vote on whether Rep Lavea Palepoi Mauga shoud be disciplined for what Vice Speaker Fetu Fetui described as rude behavior.

When the House of Representatives adjourned and went on a month long recess last Friday, there had not been any further mention of the topic in the chamber.

It was the Vice Speaker who suggested that Rep. Lavea be disciplined for unbecoming behavior at a hearing of the Port Administration Committee on July 14th.

When KHJ News asked about the matter, Fetu said he has already talked with Lavea and advised him about his conduct.

Lavea had entered the chamber when the Port Administration Committee hearing was half way done.

He sought permission from the committee chairman to ask questions and told the chairman if he asks any questions that have already been posed, to let him know.

As Lavea was asking his second question, Rep. Vailoata Amituanai let him know the topic had already been covered.

Lavea told Amituanai to let the chairman lead the hearing.

Vice Speaker Fetu was also upset that Lavea interrupted him as he was telling the port director, one of the witnesses at the hearing, about the government’s obligations for the people of Manu’a.

Lavea told KHJ News he didn’t know of any discussion about his conduct as he left the chamber after the hearing and was absent from the session that day,

But he learned about the discussion from KHJ News.

Lavea felt he needed to explain himself to his constituents.

He defended himself saying he was not being rude as the Vice Speaker claimed.

He was merely informing a colleague that the chairman was told to let him know if any of his questions were already covered.  And the chairman was in charge of the hearing.

Lavea also felt the media should have asked him for comments before the story was aired.

Vice Speaker Fetu Fetui told KHJ News that he has spoken to the faipule and counseled him about his conduct.