Governor Appoints Montenegro to ASH Cable Board

Governor Lolo Moliga has appointed Aoee Adolfo Montenegro, the former President and CEO of BlueSky, to serve on the American Samoa Hawaii Cable Board of Directors.

Montenegro will represent the interest of the American Samoa Government and has been authorized by Governor Lolo to cast votes on behalf of ASG.

Montenegro’s appointment is spelled out in a June 29 letter from Governor Lolo to Toleafoa Douglas Creevey, President and CEO of the Blue Sky Group which includes Blue Sky operations in the two Samoa, Cook Islands and New Zealand.

In his position as head of BlueSky, Toleafoa heads the American Samoa Hawaii Cable, in which ASG has invested $9 million.

Toleafoa has also taken over as County Manager for BlueSky American Samoa following the resignation of former Country Manager Filifotu Vaai Tinitali last month.

As listeners would recall, Montenegro is getting a contract from ASG to serve as a consultant on telecommunications.

Its not known if the contract has been concluded but Montenegro has been seen on several occasions with the interim CEO and chairman of the Board of the American Samoa Telecommunications Authority Rep. Puleleiite Li’amatua Tufele Jr, and other former BlueSky employees who are now working for ASTCA.

According to the governor’s letter to Toleafoa, he has also appointed Montenegro to take the lead in representing the American Samoa Government on any and all discussions specific to telecommunication infrastructure particularly on undersea communication cables.

Lolo said the final decision on the telecommunication infrastructure option to be adopted and supported by the American Samoa Government rests with him as the governor.

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