Many Resignations & Retirement Requests

An unusually high number of government employees are leaving their government jobs and putting in their retirement requests with the American Samoa Government Employees Retirement fund.

Chairman of the Retirement Fund Board (ASERF), Va’anatiu Iafeta Tofala didn’t give an exact number but says the number of those leaving ASG by either resigning or retiring is unusually high,

An employee who retires begins receiving a monthly retirement check that’s  based on their last salary at the time they retired.

The employee and employer, ASG, stop paying into the Retirement Fund so the fund will not be receiving this money.

Vaanatiu said number one on the list of ASG employees who are resigning and have put in their retirement papers are teachers.

He said many have indicated that they are moving off island.

A good number of employees from the American Samoa Telecommunications Authority are also leaving their jobs.

Last month about 11 employees were terminated or forced to retire by the Interim CEO of ASTCA Rep Puleleiite Liamatua Tufele Jr.

Vaanatiu said this is an unusually high number of people resigning and retiring from government employment.

He assured that the Retirement Fund is financially stable.

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