Police Investigate Underage Marriage

In Samoa, an investigation into the union of a 13 year old and her husband, who is old enough to be her father, has extended to the parents of the young girl.

Police spokesperson Superintendent Sala’a Moananu Sale told Talamua Online the investigation is continuing especially around people close to the girl including her parents.

Talamua says the union has shocked some people who have taken to social media to criticize the young girls’ parents for allowing the union of a 13 year old and a man between 40 and 45 years old.

The matter surfaced when the 13 year old called police for help after her husband assaulted her.

The incident happened last week at a village in Savai’i, and the police became aware of the girl’s age during an interview.

Sale  believes that perhaps the girl was not aware that her union with her husband was illegal, or she might have thought differently about filing a complaint.

No charges have been filed as the investigation continues.



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