Don’t Confuse Recovered Hours with Overtime Hours

Following Governor Lolo Moliga’s announcement that federally paid employees of the American Samoa Government can recoup the hours which they lost when they were working 70 instead of 80 hours, the Department of Human Resources sent out notice on how this will be carried out.

A June 9 letter from the Director of Human resources Eseneiaso Liu said with authorization from Governor Lolo to recover reduced hours, directors are to instruct supervisory personnel to plan the work schedules of employees moving forward in order to facilitate the recovery of hours for affected employees,

She advised that hours to be recovered will be paid as regular time and  need to be processed via a separate paycheck so as to avoid confusing these hours for overtime.

When the reduction in work hours first went into effect June 10, federally funded employees were also included.

However after the second pay period of the reduction, Governor Lolo determined that employees being paid by grants will be exempted.

There’s been no explanation from Treasury on how much money the reduction in hours will save.


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