Governor Explains How Federally Paid Workers Can Recoup Cut Hours

A question that ASG employees had been asking after Governor Lolo had announced last month that federally paid employees will now be exempt from the reduction in hours, is if they could recoup the portion of their salaries which was cut.

KHJ News had quoted the governor saying  that those affected could recover their money by working extra hours until they caught up.

The governor explained this in detail at last Friday’s cabinet meeting.

His plan calls for federally funded employees working overtime hours to make up for their reduced hours in the payperiods during which they worked 70 instead of 80 hours,

While there’s a freeze on overtime hours as per the governor’s earlier instructions, Lolo is allowing 30 overtime hours to compensate for the hours that were cut in the last three pay periods

He said Directors need to submit justification for the 30 hours of overtime to the Department of Human Resources so they can pay for those hours.

The governor also  advised against submitting the overtime hours one by one but to bring them all at once to save government resources.

Lolo explained that any overtime should be used to make up 80 hours for those paid only 70 hours and the rest could be paid as regular time.

He told the cabinet not to short change employees because it’s the law.

He also advised directors to make sure that employees working overtime are not just working for the hours.’

Lolo said he knows of  some people earning overtime who are just driving people around.

He asked directors not to use people without licenses as their drivers but to drive themselves to work .

Governor Lolo again repeated a statement he made at previous cabinet meetings that the administration has managed to survive some hard times in the past four years but through everyone working together and making hard decisions they’ve come out alright, except for one year.

He asked directors to use the same strategy to run their departments so that when the current fiscal year closes , ASG will not be in the red.

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